San Francisco – July 25, 2019 – Cerego, a leader in adaptive learning technology, today announced Paul Mumma as the company’s new CEO, effective immediately. Turning the page on the next chapter of learning, Cerego is also rolling out a new suite of smart “Create” tools for its adaptive learning platform to simplify content creation and improve the learning experience. The new tools reduce content creation time by more than 25%, making it easier than ever for corporate and academic institutions to integrate adaptive learning.

The new AI-powered smart Create tools use natural language processing to allow instructional designers and teachers to easily build custom learning experiences, while in turn improving the quality of the experience for the learner, which has always been the company’s core focus. Cerego’s tools are content agnostic and can be applied to any subject matter or skillset. New tools include:

  • Smart Answers autogenerate challenging multiple choice distractors, simplifying one of the most time-consuming aspects of content creation for teachers and instructional designers.
  • Smart Questions adapt to become more challenging as learners demonstrate knowledge gains, helping to maximize long-term retention.
  • Smart Suggestions turn a single word into a learning experience with one click, vastly decreasing the time it takes to create new content.
  • Smart Learner Sessions complement the new Create tools by giving learners more transparency and control over their learning schedule, including the option to review specific concepts they struggle with after each session.

“Smarter content leads to better learning, and that’s the focus of these new tools,” said Paul Mumma, CEO of Cerego. “We believe everyone should have the ability to enhance their potential through learning, from students building the foundational knowledge they’ll need to complete their academic careers and transition into the workforce, to professionals looking to reskill or upskill in order to maintain or progress their careers. I look forward to continuing to carry out this mission with our team as the CEO of Cerego.”

Today, Cerego is used by nearly 2,000 academic institutions and corporate training programs in the U.S., with partners ranging from airlines and financial service providers to medical technology companies and government institutions. The platform has generated more than three quarters of a billion learner interactions, giving Cerego one of the largest learner data sets in the world, outside of academia. Create leverages feedback from these interactions and decades of cognitive science research to provide Cerego partners with the ability to create a customized, personal experience to meet their learning needs.

“We started Cerego with an ambitious goal: expand human potential by improving the way people learn,” said Andrew Smith Lewis, co-founder of Cerego. “We’ve made incredible progress in the years since, combining cognitive science with modern technology to help more than one and a half million professionals and students increase their knowledge and improve long-term retention. The new Create tools will make it easier than ever to help learners achieve these goals with smarter content.”

Partner Testimonials

  • 3Q Digital: “Most of our workforce is remote, so the ability to onboard new employees and administer consistent training across the entire organization is critical to our success,” said Jennifer Bialas, Director of Learning and Development at 3Q Digital. “Cerego’s flexible content creation tools allow us to build lesson plans that meet the learning needs of every employee, ensuring they’re retaining the information long-term. From our 90-day new hire training program to workplace compliance trainings administered by our HR team, Cerego has allowed us to overcome the challenges of a remote workforce by helping to build and maintain a strong company culture.”
  • Bryan University: “As a learner innovation university specializing in online degree programs that equip graduates with practical skills, the online learning experience is paramount to student success at Bryan,” said Eric Evans, President of Bryan University. “Our first pilot program with Cerego featuring several undergraduate degree courses dramatically improved student outcomes and generated such positive feedback from students and instructors that we’ve since made it a requirement for all new certificate and degree programs. We’ve even integrated it into our internal training and development programs for faculty and staff. There’s no better tool for building base knowledge of any subject matter or skill.”

About Cerego
Cerego is an adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale proven cognitive science and make learning possible for anyone. The proprietary learning engine at the heart of the platform continuously adapts and enhances the learning experience to meet every individual’s needs, while predictive analytics deliver actionable data to educators and managers. By improving the learning experience, Cerego aims to unlock the promise of education and training, ultimately helping people reach their full potential. For more information about Cerego visit: