SANTA CLARA, Calif. — March 24, 2021 — ExpertusONE, the leader in modern learning technology, has announced today that its ExpertusONE digital Learning Management System (LMS) is now available as a native app on Slack and Salesforce. Rather than buying a full enterprise-class LMS, businesses can now have access to powerful learning management features in a lightweight and easy to deploy app. It will allow them to onboard new hires more quickly, provide new product information and training resources more efficiently, and share product information with prospects and customers more seamlessly, among other features.

ExpertusONE is now available on Slack and Salesforce to address the most common challenges faced by sales teams: long ramp-up times for new hires that result in customer- and territory-coverage gaps, limited access to sales assets and self-guided training, and the inability to efficiently scale training and coaching to varying levels of sales knowledge and digital proficiency.

“It is vital for salespeople to learn efficiently, effectively, and continuously to keep pace with buyers who are increasingly digitally-savvy,” said Ramesh Ramani, founder and CEO of ExpertusONE. “To stay ahead, businesses must leverage technology to provide consistent training and coaching that drives learning retention and seller performance and measures business impact. By using ExpertusONE inside platforms like Slack and Salesforce, enterprises can speed up learning and deepen customer engagement. With our learning apps, they can now easily leverage the same power, flexibility and functionality that you would only see if you bought an enterprise-class LMS.”

In the accelerating digital age, effective sales teams require more than just excellent interpersonal skills. B2B buyers are taking advantage of self-service digital channels to learn about and purchase products, and as a result, expectations for salespeople are evolving. To be successful, salespeople need proficiency in CRM platforms, social media, digital research, content curation and creation, multi-channel outreach and analytics, and more. To achieve this objective, businesses can make training more accessible within existing applications integral to sellers’ daily workflows.

“Making our award-winning platform available on applications such as Slack and Salesforce is an important step forward for us, and we are excited to help more companies reduce barriers to training adoption,” explained Mohana Radhakrishnan, co-founder and COO of ExpertusONE. “With ExpertusONE now being available across more applications, companies can easily make training a part of daily conversations.”

The ExpertusONE apps are now available via the Slack App Directory and the Salesforce AppExchange. To demo ExpertusONE for Slack and Salesforce, email or visit

About ExpertusONE

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ExpertusONE helps the world’s most innovative companies transform the way their employees, customers and partners learn using modern LMS technology. Our digital learning platform includes compliance, product training, sales enablement and employee development products that meet customers at any stage of growth. ExpertusONE’s powerful and easy-to-use tools drive learning and expand the experience into Salesforce, Slack and other systems to meet learners right where they are—resulting in increased training adoption and knowledge retention. Learn more at