TORONTO — Feb. 18, 2020 — Docebo Inc. (TSX:DCBO) (“Docebo” or the “Company”), the world’s leading learning platform powered by artificial intelligence is partnering with Bluewater, a recognized consulting services leader for learning, talent, and human capital management systems.

This partnership opens a world of opportunity for Docebo’s industry-leading platform to be offered through Bluewaters’ robust learning and HCM consulting services. The connection brings with it consulting expertise, deep domain knowledge and a unique ability to allow customers to not only build personalized learning experiences but also integrate wider HCM Suite technologies for an unparalleled enterprise experience.

“One of Docebo’s key goals is to offer an unparalleled experience to our customers,” said Docebo CRO, Alessio Artuffo. “This worldwide partnership with the Bluewater team allows organizations to extend the adoption of their Docebo Learning Platform and to integrate it with their Enterprise ecosystem.”

Integrations and personalization have become a must in the Human Capital Management industry and Bluewater is at the forefront of providing the best experiences to its customers.

Bluewater is doubling down on our investment in Learning,” Said Chris Bond, Bluewater CEO. “Learning enablement, skills development and compliance attainment are at the top of our priorities for 2020 and beyond.  I am excited for our team to have the opportunity to partner with and work with the Docebo team and advance the impact of Learning with fantastic Docebo and Bluewater Clients.”

With Docebo’s focus on innovation and an unwavering commitment to learning excellence and Bluewater’s dedication to solving business problems by maximizing the value of their client’s technology investments, this partnership will break new ground for customers looking to maximize their technology from procurement to implementation and beyond.

About Docebo
Docebo’s mission is to redefine the way enterprises learn by applying new technologies to the traditional corporate learning management system market. Docebo provides an easy-to-use, highly configurable and affordable learning platform with the end-to-end capabilities and critical functionality needed to train internal and external workforces, partners and customers. This allows customers to take control of their desired training strategies and retain institutional knowledge, while providing efficient course delivery, tracking of learning progress, advanced social learning opportunities, and in-depth reporting tools and analytics. Docebo’s robust platform helps its customers centralize a broad range of learning materials from peer enterprises and learners into one artificial intelligence-powered Learning Platform to expedite and enrich the learning process, increase productivity and grow teams uniformly.

About Bluewater
Bluewater is the client-side partner for learning, talent, and human capital management that brings deep expertise for the selection, implementation, and operation of learning and talent management systems. As a full-service consulting and services company, Bluewater focuses on solving business problems by maximizing the value of our client’s technology investments in these areas.
Founded in 2003, Bluewater is headquartered in Richardson, Texas and has over 175 employees with locations in the US and Europe.