NEW YORK — April 6, 2020 — Connecteam, the leading employee management app for the mobile workforce, helps organizations address internal communication needs in times of crisis, with its internal communication app.

COVID-19 is affecting all businesses without exception. In such dire times, internal communication and engagement become more important than ever. Companies are doing their best to respond quickly and adapt to change and it’s not an easy thing to do. The need to keep teams informed and to make sure communication gets to every single employee is a real challenge.

In real-time, Connecteam gives organizations the ability to reach 100% of their employees right on their smartphone with their very own internal employee app. With a fast and efficient roll-out process, organizations are prepared, proactive and control the narrative right as events unfold.

Connecteam streamlines employee management, helping companies to communicate, engage, and manage their remote employees from one place:

– Direct communication from senior leadership
– Targeted and measurable communication
– Access to FAQ
– Sharing materials instantly (guidelines, videos, text, files, and images)
– A real-time flow of critical announcements and updates
– Sending push notifications (within an hour, 75% of messages are read)

Liran Izhak from SodaStream, a PepsiCo company, had this to say, “Our company app plays a crucial role for our company in preparing and dealing with the coronavirus crisis. We communicate to all of our team members guidance and instructions such as how to prevent the spread of the virus, what to do in quarantine, we share FAQ to minimize the uncertainty factor for our employees and more. It’s worth mentioning that the majority of our factory employees have no access to email and the app is our only means for communication with them. It really plays a key role for us to keep our team informed in these difficult times.”

About Connecteam

As the global leader for internal organizational apps, Connecteam helps thousands of companies create their own frontline employee app to improve communication and engagement, HR control and management, boost productivity and much more. Customers rely on Connecteam’s organizational app to reach every single employee in real-time, to communicate directly from management to the team, to provide important resources, guidelines, protocols and more. Among its customers, several global brand names such as Nike, Sodexo, Saint Gobain, G4S, SodaStream (a PepsiCo company) and many more, make the list.