VANCOUVER, Canada — May 26, 2020 — Cognitive3D has launched the Objectives System, a new feature aimed at helping enterprises get actionable insights from virtual reality (VR) experiences. The Objectives System addresses a crucial problem for training managers: the need for a demonstrable way to measure success from VR.

Companies are increasingly turning to VR and immersive technologies  to deliver effective learning outcomes to their employees. Training managers must be able to quantify and understand behavior within VR so they can apply insights into real measurable results.

The Objectives System provides a quick way to systematically evaluate behavior with a few clicks. This makes it easy to see where employees struggled and where the bottlenecks are. It can also help answer questions like: if trainees are noticing the right things or completing critical actions in a timely manner.

“Trainers can systematically determine user success based on the actions they take within the simulation. This is especially beneficial for complex or dangerous procedures where identifying hazards and enforcing compliance are critical,” said Tony Bevilacqua, Founder & CEO of Cognitive3D.

Training is a significant cost for many companies and VR provides a better way to deliver best practices to employees. Most importantly, they can prepare employees for the job while removing them from danger. With the launch of the Objectives System, Cogntitive3D has taken a significant step in unlocking greater insights from VR.

“Cognitive3D’s vision is to enhance human performance and measurement through the use of immersive technologies. We strive to help enterprises get actionable insights from VR by making sense of the data they collect,” Tony adds.