New York – December 19, 2017 – A powerful new tool from strategy and innovation company co:collective is making it easier for millennials to unleash their creative power at work. Formally announced today,Doable is a cloud-based software platform that empowers employees to publish and promote their most innovative ideas while collaborating with other intrapreneurs to ready them for capital commitment. It’s a significant step forward for millennial workers – 18-34 year-olds representing the largest working population in the U.S. – who often struggle to advance their ideas within traditional workplace structures. Doable is also a powerful tool for the 53 percent of hiring managers challenged to attract and retain millennial talent.

“Millennials have gotten a bad rap in business. They are often cast as job-jumping narcissists. We think smart companies are beginning to see the problem the other way around: it’s employers, not employees, who need to embrace change in the tools and processes they use,” said Ty Montague, co-founder and co-CEO of co:collective. “Today, it is just too hard for millennials’ voices to be heard inside big companies. Yet, there is huge value in engaging with them. They are highly creative and entrepreneurial, value constant feedback and collaboration, and aspire to make a tangible impact on the companies they work in and on the wider world. That’s why we made Doable.”

Whether the goal is to develop new external products or services or to incubate ideas for internal initiatives, Doable helps anyone at any level transform an idea from pipedream to possible. Through an intuitive, enterprise-ready platform, users have a transparent and repeatable process to take concepts from ideation through validation to creation.

“As millennials, we have fundamentally different beliefs about work,” said Jonathan Chia, innovation director at Doable. “Doable is designed for our work preferences. We can meaningfully contribute to the organization and progress at the same time. Our team started incubating Doable for internal use and then realized it’s something the world needs.”

Created by a team of young business strategists, designers, and technologists tired of working with legacy enterprise platforms built for a generation that didn’t grow up with digital tools, Doable launched in Beta October 2015. It’s currently used in over 200 companies across multiple sectors, including retail, hospitality, PR, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, and education.

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About co:collective

co:collective is a growth accelerator, founded by four seasoned executives from the worlds of brand strategy, content development, business strategy, and technology innovation. We help companies create top line and bottom line growth using a methodology we have developed calledStoryDoing©.

co:collective has three main practices: co: – which specializes in innovation in the customer experience, including new products, services and business models; The Pub – a creative agency that helps brands publish with purpose, often using native creators to build communities around brands; and Doable – a software platform that helps companies use their quest to engage employees in internal and external innovation challenges.