MINNEAPOLIS — Nov. 19, 2021 — Brainier Solutions, a leader in eLearning software, today announced it has partnered with Bongo, a video-based assessments solution, to offer Brainier customers a more engaging way to deliver assessments to learners, at scale.

Bongo uses proprietary video technology to provide an engaging way for learners to practice and authentically communicate and demonstrate knowledge. The Brainier and Bongo partnership enhances the learner experience by incorporating machine-learning to provide feedback and insights on the learner’s delivery. Instructor and peer feedback provide an opportunity to better assess skill validation.

“This partnership with Bongo means Brainier can offer an even more engaging learning experience to our customers,” says Jerry Cox, President of Brainier. “The two solutions complement each other quite well and we’re confident that administrators will find the tools to be robust and insightful.”
“We’re thrilled to partner with Brainier and see the impact that Video Assignments will have on their clients’ business outcomes,” says Josh Kamrath, CEO of Bongo. “Video Assignments will provide Brainier customers workflows to prove skill validation through real-time feedback that results in a time-saving, scalable assessment that will further engage Brainier clients.”

About Bongo

Bongo is an embedded solution that drives meaningful assessment, experiential learning, and skill development at scale through video-based engagement and personalized feedback. Organizations use the video workflows to create opportunities for practice, demonstration, analysis, and collaboration. When individuals show what they can do within a real-world learning environment, evaluations get an authentic representation of their competency.

About Brainier

Based in Minneapolis, Brainier has been helping clients discover a better approach to learning and development since 1995. Brainier offers the enterprise level: Brainier Knowledge Solution in addition to Chameleon Cloud (developed by BI WORLDWIDE). They continue to win top industry awards.