CHICAGO — Feb. 3, 2021 — Anthill AI, a first-of-its-kind adaptive talent management software, secures $1.24M in their first funding round led by Origin Ventures. Aimed at improving the future of work through employee experience and internal mobility, Anthill addresses critical people needs for employers while personalizing the employee development experience for the individual.

“The workplace is changing rapidly, and individuals and companies need to be future-ready,” says Muriel Clauson, Co-founder and CEO of Anthill AI. Anthill is an integrated talent management software that solves for both employee and employer objectives simultaneously through the power of machine learning. “To date, talent management has been wildly underserved as a manual task with limited data–– we see Anthill as a foundational tool in navigating a better future of work for both employers and individuals.”

Anthill uses machine learning technology for a modern approach to talent management Clauson calls “talent mapping.” Founder Clauson – herself a people scientist – is passionate about seeing people and businesses thrive, continuing, “employees are a company’s most valuable asset–– it all starts with really knowing your people.” Anthill teaches organizations about their people by offering a comprehensive approach to matters of employee experience and retention, reskilling and development, and internal mobility, delivering a clear visual of where employees and organizations currently stand and where they can go. “We built a software that finds that win-win for both employer and employees, and we’re really proud of that.”

Designed to reach all types of workers, from corporate to retail and manufacturing, Anthill’s software engages with employees via mobile app. “A more robust approach to understanding existing talent is critical,” says Clauson. Through machine learning technology, Anthill is able to take minimal input and predict a wide range of characteristics, skills, and interests delivering a truly comprehensive map of an organization’s talent. “Anthill is also fun for employees,” says Clauson, “they have a say in their own career development, while delivering invaluable data to employers.”

Origin Ventures joins Anthill in this $1.24M funding round. The funding will fuel continued product development and expanded talent recruitment enabling Anthill to scale sales across more large enterprises.

“Origin Ventures is focused on investing in companies building the Workplace of the Future, and the employee-employer relationship remains a critical piece of that future,” said Scott Stern, Vice President at Origin Ventures. “Anthill is a win-win solution that helps organizations optimize their employee productivity while also boosting worker satisfaction. We are thrilled to invest in Muriel’s vision for the Future of Work.”

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About Anthill AI

Anthill AI is an integrated talent management platform that helps organizations adapt in the rapidly changing world of work. With Anthill’s first-of-its-kind talent mapping software, companies are able to seamlessly drive engagement and retention, reskilling and development, and internal mobility. Through a fun interaction, employees share insights and get help with their development. Meanwhile, those insights are enhanced with machine learning and people science, creating the most advanced map of organizational talent that aligns and drives equitable talent strategy. Anthill AI was founded in 2020 in Chicago, IL and was a part of the TechStars New York City 2020 cohort. To learn more, please visit

About Origin Ventures

Origin Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm founded in 1999 that invests in high-growth technology companies creating software and marketplaces for the “Digital Native Economy.” Origin Ventures was an early investor in Grubhub, Cameo, BacklotCars, Tovala, Tock, 15Five, and other market leaders. The investment team are all former operators and engineers with an average of 15 years of venture investing experience, with experience at Google, Twitter, SAP, and Metromile, among others. Origin’s offices in Chicago and Salt Lake City provide access to “between the coasts” investment opportunities in the U.S. and Canada.