HOUSTON – Feb. 11, 2020 – Baker Communications, Inc. announced today the creation of their Learning & Development Talent Solutions Group to augment their clients’ workloads. The move was announced amid a growing tightening of the availability of qualified learning professionals to help deal with the peak workloads faced by many organizations.

In a February 7, 2020 article entitled, “We’re Running Out of Workers. Now What Do We Do?”* by Josh Bersin, one of the thought leaders in the world of learning and development, he went on to say, “In all my years as a working professional, I’ve never lived in an economy where ‘there are not enough workers.’ But that’s where we are. For the next ten years, the term ‘shortage of talent’ is going to be one of the most important topics in business.”

Amid this crisis, BCI announced a service designed to augment existing learning & development organizations, using their award-winning content development and training services. The service will provide Trainers and Facilitators, Instructional Designers, E-Learning Developers, LMS and Training System Administrators, and even Training Managers, Directors of Training, and Chief Learning Officers on a temporary or permanent basis.

These learning professionals have helped a variety of BCI clients with L&D tasks such as new product and service launches, new software implementations, mergers and acquisitions and even courseware maintenance. “Oftentimes, we’ll have existing courseware from our library of over 250 courses, video libraries and e-learning, to further shorten the development time,” according to Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff for BCI, who went on to say, “Our cadre of learning and development professionals can often show innovative ways of approaching topics for better learner engagement, and with their expertise in rapid development and adult education, we can be a real asset during ‘crunch’ times for our clients.”

BCI’s CEO, Walter Rogers, explained their philosophy. “We measure our success by our client’s success, which is why our clients stick around for decades.” He went on to say that he understands the pressure that L&D teams can come under when it comes to rolling out a new product or service, implementing a new internal software, or integrating teams from different companies to make the new combined entity even stronger. “We really have an expertise in these areas, and in the past several years, we’ve been honored to receive many Top 20 awards for content development, training delivery, and of course, our sales training. It’s seems only natural that we’d extend access to our team of experts for these projects, if that’s what it’s going to take to make our customers successful”.

To find out more about the types of services BCI has available for augmenting current Learning and Development teams, you can visit their services page at https://www.bakercommunications.com/instructionaldesign.html.

*Josh Bersin Academy, https://joshbersin.com/2020/02/were-running-out-of-workers-now-what-do-we-do/


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