New York – March 1, 2018 – Vitality Teaming recently announced commercial availability of its portable catalytic training game, CASE™. This immersive system affords all groups and trainers the convenience of availability in any location while at the same time providing the high degree of enjoyment and efficacy Vitality Teaming has achieved for its clients and partners.

CASE™ enhances team performance and leadership skills by applying highly immersive games as training vehicles that focus on the key principles of effective teaming. Drawing from the powerful trends of the experience economy and gamification, CASE™ games spark immediate engagement and full involvement. The company’s mission is to engage learning through immersive, collaborative activities to enhance team effectiveness and cohesion.

“Today, the digital era has led to ubiquitous screen-based training that lacks social interaction and true hands-on problem solving and cooperation. Our purposeful games require human interaction and intense collaboration so as to achieve individual and group learning as well as enhanced social connections.” – Brad Albright, Founder, Vitality Teaming

Vitality Teaming’s games are no trivial pursuit. Each game is developed by a team of renowned social psychologists, organization behaviorists, team effectiveness experts and acclaimed game and puzzle designers. They are well balanced in difficulty and excitement leaving participants immersed in a state of energized focus. Brain tasks, tactile puzzles, and the guidance of a highly captivating tablet application are core ingredients of the CASE™ game system.

Vitality Teaming works closely with learning and development professionals, trainers and facilitators as well as organization leaders who use our games as vehicles to achieve their team performance and leadership development objectives.

“CASETM games can really accelerate the learning process by lowering social and emotional barriers often present in many group dynamics. As a team coach, I find there is much value in getting the room’s attention from the onset.” – Krister Lowe, PhD, Partner, Team Coaching Zone

About Vitality Teaming: Vitality Teaming, based in New York, NY, develops immersive games for experiential team training and leadership development.  Since the company’s founding in 2015, Vitality Teaming has worked with more than half of the Fortune 500 and many other prominent organizations, including Google, JP Morgan, AMEX and Amazon, as well as not-for-profit institutions, schools and universities such as The United Nations, The Federal Reserve Bank and Columbia University. For more information, please visit