GETTYSBURG, Pa. — July 16, 2020 — While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to socially distance, adopt enterprise-wide work-from-home policies, and even completely reimagine the workplace, the training needs of these organizations have not changed.

With in-person training off the table for the foreseeable future, Gettysburg-based Tigrett Leadership Academy is moving its industry-leading leadership training workshops online. Featuring personalized, two-way, real-time video conversations—including video breakout rooms—Tigrett’s facilitators are able to achieve in-person results while accommodating participants’ real-world needs to balance work, training, and family.

“In June, we ran our first online workshop with our ‘Lessons from Eisenhower and D-Day’ program,” says Antigoni Ladd, co-founder and curriculum director at Tigrett. “Staff from the United States Courts across three districts participated, and the positive response to our new format was overwhelming.”

Participants in the online workshop offered high praise, noting that “the format was perfect,” the online platform was “as easy and user-friendly as any, if not the best,” and “I loved all the sessions. I really, really liked the sessions about communications and decision-making. I came away with a lot of ideas.”

Tigrett’s new online workshops are conducted over three half days, allowing participants to accomplish their day-to-day work tasks, address family and child care challenges, and meet their rigorous training and continuing education requirements. The adapted Tigrett leadership workshops also eliminate participants’ travel time and expense.

Online versions of Tigrett’s popular “Lessons from Lincoln” and “Lessons from Churchill” program are under development, and will be available later this year. With the online training, Tigrett can accommodate work teams and individual participants.

Call Tigrett Leadership Academy at 717-334-9089 or e-mail for more information and to register your team or to sign up as an individual.

About Tigrett Leadership Academy

Founded in 1984, Tigrett Leadership Academy uses leadership lessons from 19th and 20th Century giants such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, and Frederick Douglass to help organizational leaders navigate through turbulent times. Popular Tigrett programs include the World War II Leadership Series, Lessons from Gettysburg, and Lessons from Lincoln. Additional information is available at [] Tigrett Leadership Academy: Experience it. Learn it. Live it.