SAN DIEGO — Oct. 12, 2021 — The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a global leader in management training, consulting, and coaching, announced today that it has released a new version of its Leadership Point of View (LPOV) leadership experience. The learning experience helps leaders articulate their values and how they want to lead, enabling them to improve productivity, engagement, and commitment.

Offered as three 2-hour virtual sessions or two half-day face-to-face sessions, the LPOV journey starts with leaders identifying people and life experiences that shaped how they lead. Blanchard coaches assist them in writing a compelling narrative that turns these pivotal events into their leadership story. This captures their values, their expectations for themselves, and what they expect of the people they lead. Leaders then share their journey with their colleagues and people.

By sharing their LPOV, leaders have greater clarity on their motivations and are more intentional in their behaviors. Sharing also builds trust between leaders and their people because team members are clear about their leader’s values and expectations. Leaders also know their actions are not likely to be misconstrued, reducing frustration and miscommunication and improving trust and commitment.

“Many leaders are unaware of what motivates them to lead, and as natural consequence, fail to share their values with their people — an oversight that creates disengagement and mistrust. LPOV teaches leaders how to be mindful about their leadership point of view. When leaders share their LPOV, team members better understand their intentions, which inspires employee engagement,” said Pat Zigarmi, a coauthor of the program and a founder of and senior consulting partner at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Blanchard coaches play a central role in the Leadership Point of View learning journey, helping leaders discover and synthesize influential experiences. This process of self-discovery can be challenging and emotional, but it is always illuminating and fulfilling. When leaders finish the work, they are more self-aware and therefore can be more intentional in how they lead.

“I firmly believe that understanding and communicating your Leadership Point of View effectively is one of the most critical aspects of being a leader that others want to follow. LPOV is a powerful and exciting addition to our leadership development portfolio to help our clients transform their organization’s leaders,” said Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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