NEW YORK — June 25, 2020 — Nomadic Learning is pleased to announce the launch of the Nomadic Academy, a collaborative online learning solution that helps managers and leaders develop the skills to thrive in uncertain times. The launch date is Thursday, June 25, 2020.

We developed the Nomadic Academy in response to a global wave of transformation. It is our belief that legacy management and leadership training no longer serves to prepare organizations for a world in flux. The Nomadic Academy prepares the next generation of leaders to make quick, adaptive decisions to guide organizations through moments of crisis, and to thrive as new normals emerge.

The first Program released under the Nomadic Academy brand was the Remote Work Bootcamp, launched far ahead of schedule in March 2020 to help teams adapt in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Upcoming releases will focus on managing through crisis, compassionate leadership, organizational ethics, and more highly relevant areas.

“The Nomadic Academy puts collaboration at the very heart of learning. In a world where no one really has the answers, traditional top-down approaches to management & leadership development no longer work. The Nomadic Academy provides a space for people to figure out solutions together, inspired by compelling cases, stories and data. We are here to help managers and leaders prepare for whatever comes next,” said Tim Sarchet, President & Co-founder of Nomadic Learning.

Following our official June 25 launch, we are seeking organizations to pilot the Nomadic Academy. Pilot participants will receive preferential pricing, an extended license term, and the opportunity to help us shape the Academy. To apply to become a pilot participant, contact us here.

To learn more about the Nomadic Academy, visit our website. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Nomadic Academy helps managers and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and network needed to thrive in times of great uncertainty. It is digital learning the way it should be: truly collaborative, deeply engaging, and constantly evolving. It is for people who work in organizations, of any size and in any industry, who need to adapt to radically shifting environments and want to help transform the organizations they work in.