SINGAPORE — March 24, 2020 — Momenta Group, a training and consultancy company has announced its appointment as Global Partners of The Ken Blanchard Companies in Singapore and Brunei.

Based on brain-science and extensive research, Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II (SLII®) program is one of the most widely used leadership models in the world.
The basic principle behind SLII® is nothing but one simple fact: different situations call for different types of leadership, even with the same employee. Key points of SLII include:

  • “One-size-fits-all” leadership is not effective. 54% of leaders use only one style of leadership, regardless of the situation.
  • Some employees get “over-managed” (aka micro-managed) while others don’t get enough support.
  • Clarity on “when should I coach” versus “when should I direct” to increase productivity.

With The Ken Blanchard Companies belief that everyone can be a leader, this global partnership in Singapore and Brunei provides a new opportunity for momenta Group to fulfil their corporate mission – “multiply blessing through great leaders”. 

Both The Ken Blanchard Companies and momenta Group are committed to helping leaders to strive and make a positive impact around the world.

About momenta Group

momenta Group is a training and consulting firm driven to make a difference in organizations through their best assets – people. Equips learners with the confidence to take on challenges, the ability to adapt, and the resilience to excel, momenta Group has helped the growth of more than 24,000 leaders across 11 countries by having a cutting-edge methodology that makes learning stick, real and relevant.

About The Ken Blanchard Companies

For more than 35 years, The Ken Blanchard Companies has been training the world’s best managers. The Ken Blanchard Companies are experts in operational leadership and develop managers who know how to get results while also creating an environment that engages, inspires, and brings out the best in their people.