NEW YORK — Nov. 27, 2020 — Companies spend $370 billion on training globally, despite the fact that current methodologies – marked by week-long seminars and one-and-done workshops – are entirely ineffective for today’s professionals and the environments they work in. These methods are tailored for a segment of the workforce that is either retired or close to retirement, while the segment that needs it the most is left in the dark.

Millennials make up the largest portion of the working population (35%), with one in five of those managing teams. Pair this with the seismic workplace shifts of 2020 and you’ll see why leadership training is ripe for revolution. Professionals of all career stages are required to take a more proactive role in sharpening their leadership skills – especially soft skills – as we navigate the many challenges of remote work. So why, then, have 58% of managers never received proper leadership training?

Enter BUNCH, the world’s first AI-based leadership coach crafted for the millennial generation. It combines micro-learning with data-driven personalization and a slick user experience, enabling users to discover their leadership style, and get 2-minute tips each day.

Grown from years of psychological research and interview-based findings, BUNCH aims to redefine the leadership learning experience for the 21st century, and has raised $3.4M in Seed funding led by M13.

“Leadership used to be a status reserved for an exclusive group of people,” said Darja Gutnick, Co-Founder and CEO. “We believe anyone can be a leader in their own way – regardless of whether they’re leading themselves, a team, or an entire company.”

All daily tips are based on a proprietary leadership competency model, but are inspired by successful leaders and vetted by leadership coaches, then delivered in a way that enables regular, compounding progress.

And it’s working. “I’m a better me because of BUNCH,” says Cynthia Gordon, a customer experience leader at and early beta user, “I often read something in the app and think – I have to write that down! For example, BUNCH gave me a template for how to call out team members who’ve gone above and beyond. The team loves it, and It’s really helped them gain a sense of what excellence looks like in their role.”

The AI coach has now officially launched out of beta, and is available for free to iPhone users around the world (an Android version is planned for early next year). Download it on the App Store to discover your unique leadership style and start your leadership growth journey.