DALLAS — Dec. 22, 2020 — Life Languages International ™ has unveiled their new brand Communication IQ™, a new employee communications consultancy targeting the corporate market, along with a new book titled Ties and T-ShirtsAuthored by Communication IQ CEO Gerald ParsonsTies and T-Shirts is designed to help organizational leaders bridge the communication gap between generations in America’s increasingly diverse workforce. Borrowing from the Communication IQ™ methodology, which looks at employees’ preferred communication styles or “Life Languages,” the book is based on the premise that the way we speak and listen to others is more critical than ever to lead effectively in today’s changing world.

“The workplace has evolved considerably over the past three decades, and the communication gap between generations has become a pain point for many organizations,” says Parsons. “You can’t talk to Millennials in the same way you talk to Baby Boomers. In order to lead successfully in the modern workplace, it is critical for leaders to understand and adapt to the different styles, personalities, and temperaments of their employees to get the best out of them.”

Communication IQ offers training, workshops and coaching to organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to develop more effective communication skills. The company has trained over 190 certified CIQ coaches on six continents, and its proprietary CIQ Profile has been taken by over more than half a million people. In Ties and T-Shirts, Parsons explains how understanding each employee’s unique communication languages is a critical factor in achieving organizational unity and offers strategies on how to navigate generational workplace challenges.

“Miscommunication is the number one barrier to productivity in companies today,” says Parsons.  “A fundamental understanding of the various combinations of communication profiles will not only help inform the way employers lead, but it will enable you to help your employees better relate to one another and work as a team, ultimately improving performance and reducing turnover.”

Ties and T-Shirts is currently available for sale on Amazon, LifeLanguages.com and Communicationiq.us for $12.95.

About Gerald R. Parsons

Gerald R. Parsons is a forward-thinking strategic builder and keynote speaker dedicated to character-driven communication as a core value. He has been affiliated with Life Languages International ™ and Communication IQ™ for over 30 years and was appointed CEO in 2016. In his current role, Gerald strives each day to make a difference in the life of his team and colleagues by creating equity within their relationships and the company. Gerald is a firm believer that when people learn their communica­tion styles they learn how to speak and listen so more people will hear and understand them. Gerald is married to his wife of 42 years and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

About Communication IQ™ and Life Languages International ™

Communication IQ offers corporate training, workshops, and coaching to small and large companies, as well as a consultant certification program. The company’s guiding principle is that when people get better at communication, relationship equity is built, turnover is reduced, employee engagement is high, sales are improved, and conflicts are resolved faster. Parent company Life Languages International™, LLC (LLI), was founded in 1985 to help individuals and groups of all types and sizes discover their preferred communication style or “Life Language.” Founders Fred and Anna Kendall, who developed the concept of the 7 Life Languages™, are known nationally and internationally as experts in communication and relationships. For more information visit CommunicationIQ.us or LifeLanguages.com.