Raleigh, NC – May 31, 2017 – Training Industry, Inc. and The Center for Leadership Studies have released a new research report investigating how leaders use expertise to influence employee behavior and how knowledge workers react to the expertise of their leaders.

The study, which included 318 respondents across a range of industries, reveals several key findings, including:

  • Across all bases of power, respondents were most likely to respond to attempts to influence via expert power (69 percent).
  • Employees were more likely to respond to attempts to influence via expert power during times of enterprise change.
  • Most leaders are best at relying on experience to solve problems (65 percent) as well as incorporating input from others with more specialized knowledge (66 percent) and experience (65 percent), but leaders are not seen as great at demonstrating specialized technical knowledge (57 percent).

The full report, “Leading Knowledge Workers and the Power of Expertise,” can be downloaded here.

“This study provides a better understanding of how leaders and knowledge workers interact and the surprising way that expertise affects those interactions,” said Tom Whelan, Ph.D., director of corporate research, Training Industry, Inc. “One of the most intriguing parts of this research was the finding that a knowledge worker was more likely to respond to his or her leader’s attempts to influence via expert power than other bases of power – though this was more often based on that leader’s experience with similar problems rather than his or her raw technical aptitude. This finding was interesting, as it corroborated other results that showed leaders tend to rely on the skills, judgment and specialized knowledge of experts to solve problems or refine existing processes.”

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