Palo Alto, CA – October 24, 2017 – According to Lean In’s Women in the Workplace 2017 study, companies whose top management teams include women post 35% higher returns on equity and 34% higher total returns to shareholders.

A veteran to both the unique challenges women in business face and opportunities for organizations to capitalize on the often forgotten or sidelined leadership traits women possess, Cathy Light, CEO of Leadership Balance and author decided to create a brand new opportunity for clients and peers. Launching today, Leadership Balance’s exclusive program is unlike anything else on the market- specifically targeted to entry, mid and senior-level aspiring leaders.

“Our unique Women in Action™ program helps women leaders overcome gender biases and build their leadership brand with short lessons that can integrate into any busy schedule,” stated Cathy Light, CEO of Leadership Balance. “We are proud both of our recent WBENC certification and the launch of our newest platform, which will both help lift women leaders to the next level.”

Using unique learning templates prepared by subject matter experts, Women in Action participants will gain instant access to three learning tracks, each with more than 12 courses. The series of modules addresses the diverse workplace challenges faced by all levels of women leaders with short, easily-accessible lessons that include recommendations for additional in-depth reading and learning.

“Without accessible and affordable vehicles for women to grow in their career, I fear traditional learning is missing the mark,” explained Cathy Light, CEO of Leadership Balance. “For our workplaces to be more successful, diversity and opportunity must be available to all.”

Strategically curated for entry, mid, or senior-level leaders, the program offers 50 total courses, including seven additional Skillsoft Leadership Advantage® learnings as a complimentary value for those that take the series.

To learn more, visit: Promotion ends November 30, 2017.

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