Chicago, IL – October 26, 2016 – Kaplan Professional Education, in conjunction with its global partner CHINA READY & ACCREDITED, today announced the launch of its online training program designed to equip business leaders with cultural insights and understanding that are essential for successfully doing business in China.

“Culture plays a central role in Chinese life that transcends into the business world. It comes with numerous nuances big and small that are largely foreign to Westerners, including business leaders who are looking to tap into China’s $10 trillion-dollar economy,” said Jonathan Altenberg, Director of Marketing at Kaplan Professional Education. “If you don’t know how to recognize, appreciate and understand both the written and unwritten China business rules, you are putting your prospects for long-term success at risk.”

According to former Shanghai Minister for Education and current China Ready & Accredited® Vice Chairman, Dr. Yuan Cai, the CHINA READY® Program is the only program of its kind to be overseen and approved by high-ranking Chinese government officials and business executives. “The content was created in conjunction with one of China’s most globally awarded art directors and provided by China’s government and industry experts who wanted Westerners to have a proper understanding of China and its people through ‘Chinese eyes,’ rather than ‘China through Western eyes. Training is not limited to western businesses working in country, as CHINA READY® helps all cultures understand how Chinese people think and act. That is especially important as more than 100 million tourists, students and investors from China travel abroad each year.”

CHINA READY® provides insightful, engaging and memorable teaching that boosts the ‘Chinese appeal’ of both individuals and organizations. “For example, students will learn the concept of face, which refers to one’s own sense of dignity or prestige in social contexts,” added Altenberg. “Face is central to Chinese society — a business person with no understanding of it can easily cause their customer embarrassment and loss of stature.”

Upon completion of the self-paced course, the student earns a certificate with rights to utilize the global registered CHINA READY® certification trademark on their promotional materials and business cards. This designation signifies that the student as reputable and able to meet the unique Chinese business service expectations.

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