Salt Lake City – January 31, 2019 – InsideOut Development, an international leader in workplace coaching, has appointed Bill Bennett as its new CEO, effective today. In his new role, Bennett will work with founder and president Alan Fine and the executive team to develop new programs and technologies that will enhance the company’s workplace coaching offering and meet growing demand.

“Now is the ideal time to bring in Bill as the chief executive officer at InsideOut Development,” said Fine. “For the past 25 years, our company has not only been providing Fortune 1000 brands with workplace coaching, but has also developed its employees using the same foundational principles. As someone who encapsulates the tradition of coaching, Bill will be an invaluable leader as our company continues to grow.”

Bennett has worked at InsideOut Development since 2015 leading the marketing, professional services, sales and customer success teams as president of customer experience. During his work, Bennett and his team were instrumental in developing new coaching programs such as Breakthroughs and Coaching Lab while ensuring a quality training experience at every level for InsideOut customers.

“While building a culture of coaching is known to boost engagement and morale, it is in reality the single most powerful lever to increase results,” said Bennett. “By enabling your teams to deliver at their highest potential through coaching, companies can expect to increase sales, boost productivity and develop a truly engaged and lasting employee base. What makes our company unique is the InsideOut mindset, or the belief that everyone has the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level. This belief is not only central to our coaching programs, but it’s a tradition among our team at InsideOut that I am eager to continue as the new CEO.”

Moving forward, Bennett will be responsible for bringing new technology and solutions to market in response to high demand for innovative and scalable coaching programs. The InsideOut mindset and GROW model, co-created by Fine, will remain core elements in every new offering.

“While past management styles focus on teaching new skills and overseeing tasks, our model will remain focused on instilling employee accountability and empowerment,” said Bennett. “The happiest state of our career is when people give us an end goal, a few boundaries and the freedom to figure it out. Using this mindset, we make it our business to improve the workplace environment and ultimately change lives for the better.”

About InsideOut Development

InsideOut Development is a workplace coaching provider that conducts leadership, management, and front-line employee training programs; executive coaching services; team performance workshops; and reinforcement services to a large global clientele, which includes Shaw Industries, Northern Tool + Equipment, Levi’s and more. The company, recognized as a leader in developing manager-as-coach skills, trains tens of thousands of people annually using the GROW Model and other innovative tools and programs developed by president and founder Alan Fine and the InsideOut Development team. The company also provides instructional certification and has certified thousands of facilitators in its program offerings. For more information, visit