New York – July 15, 2019 – GoCoach is excited to announce its latest partnership with brunchwork.

brunchwork is one of the first and largest colearning companies. They teach 10,000 millennial professionals annually in NYC, SF and LA. brunchwork runs dynamic power brunches with industry leaders like 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, HBO’s President, Rent the Runway’s cofounder, many Midas List investors, and more. Built on behavior science, their colearning program combines expert knowledge and peer-to-peer mentoring across companies.

GoCoach is a learning platform that is also agnostic for all learners to come to our mobile coach marketplace and pick professionals to upskill them to own their career. GoCoach provides education for all with coaches, coachees and the many companies they partner with to develop talent through their holistic learning platform. This partnership between GoCoach and brunchwork exemplifies safe and supportive places for people to learn from leading industry professionals.

“I am thrilled to announce this partnership to provide education to all that is diverse and inclusive for anyone to further educate themselves. There are too many companies out there that are still being selective on who they educate and our partnership with brunchwork amplifies our mission of education for all.” Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO/Founder of GoCoach

“I am excited about partnering with GoCoach and the shared values between our companies. We are united in our mission to help more professionals learn and succeed in their careers.” Paulina Krapis, CEO/Cofounder of brunchwork

About The Companies:

  • GoCoach provides personalized learning so companies can empower the people they hire and retain them.
  • brunchwork is a colearning community that empowers millennial professionals with expert knowledge and peer-to-peer mentoring.