LOS ANGELES — May 28, 2020 — Suzanne Sena, Emmy-nominated television host and entrepreneur, has brought together 30 years of success methodologies to launch a new platform as a Confidence Catalyst®, introducing her as a thought leader on confidence. Her new venture is designed to inspire and teach confidence cultivation to aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, and men and women entering or already in the corporate workforce in order to motivate them to create their own superstar success. Sena’s Confidence Catalyst® platform is live as of May 20 in the form of a website and a podcast, with keynote speaking, an upcoming book and masterclasses still to come.

Greg Ray, CEO of the International Thought Leader Network, has partnered with Sena in the platform development. Throughout his career, Ray has also helped to elevate the platforms of luminaries Tom Peters, Steven Covey and Shawn Achor to the global level.

Sena is known for her critically-acclaimed performance as Brooke Alvarez on The Onion News Network TV series, her entertainment industry coverage on E! Entertainment TV and as a breaking news anchor on The Fox News Channel. She is also the founder of Sena-Series Media Training, a company celebrating a decade of delivering confidence to many of America’s most influential corporate leaders, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

“Now more than ever, we need to understand that we can overcome challenges and cultivate the confidence we need to excel,” says Sena. “Companies are changing, the way we work is changing – I’m looking forward to lending my insights and strategies to provide improved communication, increased productivity and bottom-line results.”

First up on the platform slate is “The Confidence Connection,” a podcast featuring leaders from business, arts, sports and entertainment sharing their own personal keys to success. Some of the first guests include Mahisha Dellinger of CURLS, David Stapf, President of CBS Television, and Katie Rosen Kitchens, founder of FabFitFun. Having had a career spent interviewing hundreds of high-profile thought leaders and celebrity guests, Sena is thrilled to return to the mic. The podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all major platforms.

Sena’s keynote presentation is titled The Confidence Connection and offers empowering presentations featuring practical strategies and methods for increasing productivity and performance, communicating more effectively and achieving greater success. After having spent a significant portion of her career in front of audiences, Sena conveys that confidence starts – and stops – with a person’s mindset.

The first book, with a working title of “The Confidence Connection” is anticipated for release in 2021.

“Suzanne embodies the talent that we all need to perform as professionals at the highest levels, including the mindset and skillset needed to make it happen,” says Ray. “Her success has never been an accident and she’s a great role model to prepare us all for bringing our A-games to the office, the stage or the sales floor, and creating bigger opportunities for ourselves and those around us. I look forward to partnering with Suzanne to share her unique insights and instruction with the world.”

ABOUT: Headed by the Emmy-nominated TV host and entrepreneur, known as America’s Confidence Catalyst® Suzanne Sena’s company, Suzanne Sena CreativeWorks, LLC, produces seminars, podcasts, and coaching programs to empower business professionals including female entrepreneurs and those entering the workforce to improve productivity, performance and success by connecting to their most confident selves.