NOVI, Mich. — July 23, 2021 — Detroit-based Dion Leadership is committed to helping employees start every day excited and end every day accomplished. In pursuit of that mission, the company has expanded its highly acclaimed coaching and leadership development programs to support leaders developing new skills to lead in a post pandemic work environment. To ensure leaders receive rich, comprehensive, and actionable feedback, Dion Leadership is partnering with a world-class assessment firm, Assessments International, to deploy their flagship 360 feedback suite, The PROFILOR®.

Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Assessments International publishes a variety of self and multi-rater assessments. Research based and relevant to the demands of today’s workforce, the PROFILOR® Family of 360 instruments measure the competencies and behaviors critical for success. The PROFILOR® Family creates insight and facilitates action with 9 standard models, 11 languages, norms, and development suggestions.

Typical applications for 360 assessment include:

  • Identification of development opportunities
  • Individual leadership coaching
  • Insights in a leadership development program
  • Measurement for succession planning
  • Team development

“We have moved away from other 360 assessment partners and lead with the PROFILOR® because it offers such a comprehensive suite of competency models, is easy to administer, has easy to understand reports, provides rich development suggestions, and offers an innovative Progress Check 360 to measure both effort and improvement,” said Steve Dion, Founder and CEO, Dion Leadership.

About Dion Leadership

Dion Leadership is a training, coaching, assessment, and organizational development consultancy based in Detroit, Michigan. They help our clients build strong leaders that create even stronger organizational cultures. Dion Leadership’s team of 50+ expert coaches and consultants serve as a long-term partner to assess talent, develop leadership competency, build teams, drive culture change, and improve performance for large, complex organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services. Learn more at