Dallas – November 19, 2019 – Pariveda Solutions, a leading management and technology consulting firm, announces the acquisition of Levinson & Co.

Pariveda Solutions, dedicated to delivering the highest value to clients by solving ambiguous, complex problems, proudly announces the acquisition of Levinson & Co. With the addition of Levinson, Pariveda strengthens its ability to provide holistic organizational, talent, and leadership solutions to companies. Pariveda guides companies to navigate disruption and transform their enterprises through technology change by improving their organizations and developing leaders to reach their highest potential.

The comprehensive and time-tested approach developed by Levinson for realizing organizational and human potential adds specific intellectual property, processes, and capabilities to Pariveda.

Harvard Business School Professor Harry Levinson, Ph.D., the groundbreaking management psychologist who pioneered the study of the psychological aspects of management in the workplace, founded Levinson & Co. (formerly The Levinson Institute) in 1968. In his work through Levinson & Co., Dr. Levinson developed practical, real-world approaches to leadership through a variety of programs and methods that touched thousands of executives through Levinson’s seminars and consulting work. Since 1991, Dr. Gerry Kraines, CEO of Levinson & Co., has dedicated the company to continue the mission of Dr. Levinson. A noted Harvard Medical School physician, psychiatrist, and public health scientist, Dr. Kraines developed a widely acclaimed systems approach that helps develop healthy business organizations and strong managers and leaders. His book, “Accountability Leadership,” provides a blueprint for achieving organizational excellence.

“Our clients face organizational, talent, and leadership challenges as they transform their enterprises. Since its founding in 2003, Pariveda’s purpose is to develop individuals towards their highest potentials,” said Bruce Ballengee, Pariveda CEO and Founder. “Today’s transformations require more than systems design and consultation services; organization, talent, and leadership must be transformed to sustain success. This acquisition will lead to greater co-creation opportunities with our clients, directly benefiting the speed and effectiveness of their transformations.”

“Levinson has worked closely with Pariveda for many years, and their systematic approach to talent development aligns very well with Levinson’s model for organizational optimization and talent development,” said Gerry Kraines, CEO of Levinson & Co. “We are delighted to become part of their firm. Pariveda is a premier consulting firm successfully transforming businesses today by co-creating value with their clients through business and technology transformation. And that all necessitate organizational optimization and people developed as leaders to transform those enterprises successfully.”

“Delivering holistic, strategic services in organizational improvements, talent development and leadership advance how companies can face the challenges of today through developing great employees into even greater leaders,” said Kerry Stover, COO Pariveda Solutions. “Combining our proven management consulting and technology solutions capabilities with Levinson’s Strategic Organization Transformation and Accountability Leadership Transformation services increases the value we will co-create with and for our clients.”

About Pariveda Solutions
Pariveda Solutions, Inc. is an employee-owned, strategic services and information technology consulting company that grows and deploys talented people to solve the ambiguous and complex challenges of its clients. The company serves clients in eleven North American city locations including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Washington D.C. Pariveda Solutions and The Business of IT are trademarks of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA.

About Levinson & Co.
Levinson & Co. is a global consulting and leadership development firm. Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Harry Levinson, founded Levinson & Co. in 1968 and developed practical, real-world approaches to leadership through a variety of widely acclaimed executive seminars and programs. Dr. Gerry Kraines became CEO of Levinson & Co. in 1990. As a physician, psychiatrist, public health scientist, and management consultant, he has developed an innovative approach integrating the psychological aspects of leadership with organizational leadership systems. As a result, Levinson & Co. has helped develop hundreds of healthy business organizations and two generations of strong managers and forward-thinking leaders.