Los Angeles, CA – June 21, 2017 – Val Wright, a global leadership and innovation expert and founder of Thoughtfully Ruthless®, announced today the expansion of her firm.

Whether it is Uber’s board knowing when to fire Travis Kalanick, an Apple SVP losing his cool courtside at a Warriors game, or Elon Musk actually taking a creative idea from sketchpad to a profitable business, there is one common thread. In today’s world, we are all on a permanent virtual center stage with the whole world watching and commenting on every move. Leaders need to know how to be ruthless, but in a thoughtful way. And consultants need to know how to help them get there rapidly. Countless books and resources focused on innovation, growth, and leadership but none of these address the missing link for success: the importance of managing: your time, your energy, and your resources in parallel.

That’s where Wright’s new Thoughtfully Ruthless® Licensing Program makes the difference that benefits consultants with an established practice who would like to expand their services into executive advisory services, and board and leadership team performance.

Announcing the new Thoughtfully Ruthless® consultants:

Jeff Skipper, CEO of Jeff Skipper Consulting of Calgary, Canada, designs profitable strategies for top companies in North America.

Theresa Schwab, CEO of Theresa Schwab Consulting of Austin, Texas, advises entrepreneurs and executives on people, profits, and performance.

Praise for Thoughtfully Ruthless:

Val Wright is one of the true all-stars I’ve had the pleasure to coach and support. For a quarter of a century she has fine-tuned what she calls ‘thoughtfully ruthless’ approaches to create and exploit opportunity without assuming the leader is damaged, but by identifying behaviors and skills that aren’t always understood, let alone utilized at the propitious moments.” Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting and more than 50 other business books.

“I was so confident walking in as CEO on day one after implementing Thoughtfully Ruthless® principles. The stock price rose 37% in my first three months; we didn’t report earnings during that time, so the growth was all from the investors’ confidence in me and ultimately positioned the company for a successful sale.” Meredith Amdur, CEO Wanted Analytics.

About Val Wright 
Val Wright, president of Pasadena-based Val Wright Consulting, moved to the United States from England 13 years ago and has the rare accomplishment of accelerating growth and innovation both from inside fast-growing companies in her corporate career at Xbox, BMW, and Amazon and now from the outside with her clients, which include Starbucks, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. She is one of only 64 experts inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame. Val’s books include Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth, Wiley, 2016 and Innovation Trifecta: How to Catapult Innovation by Creating a Symbiotic Relationship between Creative, Business, and Technical Minds.

She is a regular contributor on leadership and innovation topics for CNBC, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Reuters, LA Times, MSN, and Today.

For more information, go to http://www.ValWrightConsulting.com