New York – March 6, 2019 – The current business climate has executives seeking more employees with a broader range of business expertise. The constant wave of disruption and innovation from competitors is a call to action for business acumen excellence. The Business Acumen Institute opened its doors to embrace this community of leaders who want to quicken the pace of disruption, take market share, and fortify results. The Business Acumen Institute seeks to make business people better so they can collaborate, solve problems, and deliver positive outcomes that shareholders can take to the bank!

This is the second venture for Steven Haines, the founder of the Business Acumen Institute. His first venture, Sequent Learning Networks provided world-class product management training and a portfolio of books and resources. He intends to do the same with the Business Acumen Institute, by elevating the stature of all business people who have to think like a CEO and act with the urgency of a start-up founder.

The Business Acumen Institute offers a unique professional development program made up of:
1.    The Business Acumen Handbook
2.    A Self-Assessment
3.    The Business Acumen Workshop
4.    A Professional Development Action Plan

To learn more about the importance of business acumen excellence and the mission of the Business Acumen Institute, visit