San Francisco – November 15, 2018 – BTS, a world-leading strategy implementation firm, announces Accelerating Women Executives (AWE), a new leadership development program that addresses the underrepresentation of women in the C-Suite.

Although today’s women are outpacing men in college and graduate degree completion, and make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, they represent just 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. BTS designed Accelerating Women Executives to challenge this issue, helping high potential women develop the skills and mindsets they need to reach the C-Suite.

Focusing specifically on the career inflection point between middle management and the executive level, AWE is a transformative, level-appropriate experience that engages both female leaders on a C-Suite succession plan and an executive sponsor within the organization.

Accelerating Women Executives was designed using BTS research from more than 120,000 coaching conversations and over 500 executive interviews, providing a holistic learning journey that includes assessments, coaching, experiential learning, leadership tools, and feedback. Focused on outlining a leadership profile of what a great executive looks like, the program defines the mindsets and behaviors that are specific career derailers for women.

“Current methods for developing and promoting CEOs aren’t projected to achieve gender parity until 2048. And we know that increased diversity produces better business results. That’s a lot of wasted time,” said Jessica Parisi, President and CEO of BTS USA. “BTS is excited to offer an initiative that not only drives results, but also raises women leaders to the next level and aligns with our values of embracing diversity.”

AWE is BTS’ first open-enrollment initiative, and draws participants from across industries worldwide to provide each other with diverse perspectives and experiences. Learn more about the program here.

About BTS

BTS is a global professional services firm headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. We focus on the people side of strategy, working with leaders at all levels to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver results. For 30 years, we’ve been designing fun, powerful experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on people and their careers. It’s strategy made personal.

BTS is a public company trading on the Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbol BTS B.