Buckingham, U.K. – July 11, 2018 – Bigrock announce the launch of an innovative digital coaching tool: Coachical. This new learning platform recreates the experience of working with a first class coach… digitally. Rather than simply housing learning content, it provides a highly personalised learning experience for each and every learner. Coachical offers L&D teams a way to support multiple training needs, in a highly targeted, yet cost effective way.

How does it do this?

Personalised Coaching Plans – Guided by their very own ‘robo-coach’, each learner completes a diagnostic survey which asks about their capability, confidence and recent performance. The ‘robo-coach’ uses the learner’s responses to create a personalised coaching plan and point the learner to learning content that meets their specific needs. This dynamic coaching plan adapts as the learner progresses, motivating them to take the next step and achieve their next goal. In this way, each learner has a personalised experience, targeted to meet their specific development needs and reflect their level of experience with the subject.

Multiple Topics – You can choose from 8 topics developed by Bigrock’s subject matter experts or you can create your own topic in Coachical. The Coachical platform is designed to support content on any topic. We’re already speaking to clients about creating Coachical coaching journeys for product specifications, compliance manuals and induction materials. With our topics alone, you can provide learning for people across your organisation, meeting a variety of different learning needs and supporting colleagues at different stages of their career.  Coachical launches with these 8 topics:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales Excellence
  • Account Management
  • Pitch Excellence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Sales
  • Negotiation

Accessible Bitesize Learning – Coachical is easy to access from any device, meaning learners can develop their skills anywhere, at any time, making it a perfect solution for remote teams and home-workers and for colleagues who can’t take time out for lengthy courses or full-day workshops.  Coachical encourages learners to explore new concepts in bitesize sections, applying and embedding each new model and process as they go. Learners can dip in to Coachical for 10-15 minutes a day, making it easy to fit around a busy schedule.

Track Learner Capability & Measure Progress – Coachical’s reporting and analytics make it easy to demonstrate success. You can clearly see the progress that individual learners, teams and your organisation as a whole make with Coachical. Track learners’ diagnostic scores and how these improve as they work through their coaching journeys. You can also compare capability across teams, ensuring no potential goes untapped and that new skills are put to good use.

Client Director, Jon Luckett, explains…

“The virtual coaches behave just like a real coach. They know what excellence is. They understand how and where the learner can improve. They then direct the learner to the most relevant learning tools and solutions. They help the learner work through their coaching plan. Initial feedback is that this is a much more targeted and effective learning process than that offered by other digital learning platforms that, in effect, are just a library of content.”

Coachical is now available to buy online at www.coachical.com. Or, arrange a demo at https://coachical.com/demo/.