SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 28, 2020 — BetterUp, the leader in mobile-based professional coaching today announced the launch of Coaching Circles, a group development journey that integrates evidence-based learning, peer coaching, and group discussions led by a BetterUp Coach. This new offering complements BetterUp’s one-on-one coaching and helps organizations scale coaching to larger populations, increase social connection and trust, and build the skill sets needed to thrive through change.

Topics are highly relevant for today’s workforce, including resilient leadership, giving and receiving feedback, peak productivity, and inclusive leadership. Groups of peers meet together, guided by their coach, to build skills and relationships, and to learn from one another.

“Company leaders are increasingly looking to coaching to support their workforce through extraordinary change and uncertainty.” said Alexi Robichaux, CEO and Co-Founder of BetterUp. “Coaching Circles addresses two of the biggest needs employees and employers have right now by providing a scalable way for personalized development on timely topics and addressing the need for social connection.”

Chevron Among Early Adopters of New Coaching Circles

Chevron is among the first companies to take part in the new offering. In June of this year, Chevron brought BetterUp in to provide structured support for 7,000 supervisors worldwide. Focusing on those in positions that could benefit most immediately, the first cohort began receiving one-on-one coaching through the platform while others joined coaching circles. The professional coaches created a space where managers could engage with topics like feedback or resilience and reflect on their experiences, practice new behaviors, and learn from each other. Over the course of several weekly sessions, the circles started to cement the deeper peer-to-peer relationships that really do link an engineer in Malaysia to an account manager in San Ramon, CA strengthening a bond of practice, learning, and community around the globe.

“Now, almost every supervisor we have around the world has access to coaching. With BetterUp’s Coaching Circles, we have supervisors from multiple countries around the world who are meeting with a coach and with each other to talk about shared experiences and challenges. I’ve seen a level of vulnerability and openness that I’m not really accustomed to in our organization. I believe this will be game changing for us,” said Rhonda Morris, Chief Human Resources Officer at Chevron.

As the pioneer of mobile-based professional coaching, BetterUp is continuously innovating new ways for leading companies to cultivate workplace wellbeing and adaptability. Companies interested in learning more about Coaching Circles may sign up to receive a custom demonstration here.

About BetterUp

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