WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Jan. 10, 2022 — The Leadership Science Institute (LSI) has added applied neuroscience methods and techniques to its suite of customized leadership and professional development programs. Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary subject as it brings together studies in both biology and psychology. Applied neuroscience produces a balance of theory and application, examining the latest in neuroscience research and implementing innovative techniques for leading and managing ourselves and others.

LSI has consistently provided unique, high-quality coaching and training excellence for clients since 2009. The Institute will update its entire portfolio of leadership courses to include applied neuroscience research.

“We are extremely excited to utilize these new neuroscience methods and techniques to help take our clients to the next higher level of performance,” said Wayne L. Anderson, executive leadership coach and LSI’s CEO.

LSI will update three specific personal development services to include neuroscience methods and techniques:

  • Skills assessments: As test administrators for the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), LSI administers skills assessments for nearly any discipline. Online, or in person, LSI acts as a proctor and can perform pre-hire and baseline professional needs assessments.
  • Training: Utilizing features of the proprietary, three-tiered W.I.S.D.O.M.® system, LSI will help first-line managers, middle management, and “high potential” executive leaders to develop and implement effective leadership competencies utilizing neuroscience techniques.
  • Coaching: LSI retains a team of professionally certified coaches who are focused on helping clients develop the skills they need to unlock their business and professional potential. Coaches will help executives understand and apply neuro-based leadership techniques while focusing on their goals toward career specific performance outcomes.

“Neuro-based leadership is transforming the way we communicate, motivate, and lead others. It is the next big wave in advancing leadership development and unleashing potential in yourself and others,” said Dr. Danielle Hicks, Industrial Organizational Psychologist and LSI’s president.

About The Leadership Science Institute (LSI)

Established in 2009, LSI is a highly specialized, boutique people-development company that provides coaching, training and skills assessments to individuals seeking to improve themselves and their careers. LSI provides proprietary leadership development programs for business and organizational professionals to develop their skills. LSI utilizes over 200 skills assessment metrics in one-on-one, detailed training plans that are specific to each client’s needs. Whether you are an employee looking for a career boost; an executive seeking to create, reorganize, or improve a business department; or a private consultant who needs to level-up your skills, LSI has a team of experienced professionals ready to help you achieve your goals.