Raleigh, NC – February 21, 2019 – Training Industry today announced its selections for the 2019 Top Training Companies™ lists for the Leadership Training sector of the learning and development market. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, prepares the Training Industry Top 20 and Training Industry Watch List reports on critical sectors of the training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies.

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Selection to the 2019 Training Industry Top 20™ Leadership Training Companies List was based on the following criteria:

  • Thought leadership and influence on leadership training industry
  • Breadth and quality of programs and audiences served
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Industry recognition and innovation
  • Strength of clients and geographic reach

“Leadership training is widely recognized for its contribution to business success, and the companies included on the 2019 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List are at the forefront of the sector,” said Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc. “As companies focus on delivering leadership training programs, the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies are leading the way with new modalities to improve the impact and sustainability of their programs beyond traditional instructor-led experiences, to better align with the needs of the modern workforce.”

“The leadership training sector includes companies with diverse perspectives and capabilities,” said Danielle Draewell, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc. “The companies selected for the 2019 Leadership Training Companies Watch List have demonstrated specific strengths with demonstrable benefit, often in particular areas of specialization within leadership training.”

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