PHILADELPHIA — Aug. 28, 2020 — With decades of experience of advocating for diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the workplace, The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design and SYNC Worldwide have partnered to offer a unique virtual leadership development program designed to equip talented Black professional women with the proven tools, strategies, and insights needed to advance their career goals. The Program begins on October 20, 2020.

This five-month experience includes one-on-one coaching, small cohort learning groups, and four skills-building sessions to enhance the leadership skills of talented Black women. Through research and experience, The Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design and SYNC Worldwide understand the distinctive challenges faced by senior-level Black women. These challenges are often not obvious and effective solutions must be carefully crafted.

Over 75% of corporate executives agree that having people of color in senior level positions better serves a diverse customer base, yet the representation of Black women in corporate America tells the story. Black women make up only 5% of Senior Vice President positions, hold just 4.6% of Fortune 500 board positions and earn only 62 cents for every dollar white men receive.

According to Molly D. Shepard, Founder and CEO of The Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design, “What sets our program apart is the immediate application of new leadership skills and approaches to the workplace. Based on our experience and past programs we have run for Black women, we will offer tips, strategies and tools to make an impact.”

Sync Worldwide’s Founder Lisa Brooks Greaux said, “We help Black women recognize and deal with the distinctive challenges they face in their professional lives. These include power, influencing, organizational savvy and negotiating skills to name a few.”

The Experience benefits include:

• Validation of the experiences of Black professional women
• Focus on immediate concerns as well as long-term issues
• Building a supportive community to deepen strategic networks
• Strengthening loyalty and employee retention
The program elements include:
• Individual coaching meetings
• Virtual skills-building sessions
• Group discussion calls
• Prestigious guest speakers
• Assessment instruments
• Professional Development Plan

The Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design is a woman-owned business dedicated to providing leadership development services to executive and high-potential women and men to enhance their effectiveness as senior leaders. Founded in 2001, The Leader’s Edge was established in order to address the limited representation of women in the highest ranks of American businesses. Research shows that when both men and women lead an organization, all stakeholders benefit, and there is a direct positive effect on the bottom line. Through partnership with Leaders By Design, the firm expanded their leadership development and coaching services to include men.

SYNC is a minority and woman-owned business that assists individuals and businesses to develop leadership capabilities, improve performance and productivity. Using a unique combination of coaching, leadership development and performance development, SYNC helps businesses achieve their goals. SYNC’s interactive leadership training approach is centered on providing a “Success Toolkit” to ensure clients accomplish their goals and company objectives.

For more information about the Program, contact Monica Warner at