CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — June 16, 2020 — Advantexe Learning Solutions, a global leader in business simulation-centric training solutions, today announced the launch of the Foundations of Business Acumen Virtual Learning Workshop and cloud-based business simulation.

Advantexe’s Virtual Workshops enable participants to understand the foundations of business acumen. It helps learners to build skills and enhance decision-making by understanding the strategic and financial challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs of day-to-day decision making and the execution of a business strategy throughout the business enterprise.

Through the integration of virtual learning content, a hands-on digital business simulation, and virtual reinforcement tools, Advantexe is helping build the ability for all employees to make a difference that matters during these uncertain times. The workshop can be delivered in the same day or spread out over time in smaller, flexible chunks. The learning objectives of the workshop include:

  • Understanding the core drivers of business
  • Recognizing how customers respond to price shifts
  • Reading and interpreting financial statements
  • Discovering how different strategies affect a company’s financial performance
  • Developing responses to offset competitive reactions
  • Understanding the impact of operational decision-making on profit

At the heart of the workshop is Advantexe’s new business simulation, Foundations of Business Acumen, a case study that comes to life. In the simulation, learners take on the role of the Product Manager for the RoboClean H100, a home cleaning robot. RoboClean H100’s revenues have been struggling to keep pace with competition in the market. Learners analyze market data and make decisions including choosing customer value proposition, material quality, margin goals, department budgets, and setting the price. The learner’s goal? To test various approaches  of growing revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction. The simulation includes an embedded Artificial Intelligence feedback system that reviews the learners results and provides direct guidance to help with decision-making and learning.

“Advantexe is a pioneer in virtual learning due to our long-term use of cloud-based, AI-supported simulations,” says Robert Brodo, Advantexe CEO. “Instead of non-interactive PowerPoint’, each element of our virtual learning journeys is carefully designed to optimize the learner’s time and provide maximum benefit and engagement. Our virtual simulation-centric approach has been receiving high user ratings because it is more flexible and allows facilitators to interact seamlessly with the simulation teams in their virtual breakout rooms.”

About Advantexe

Advantexe Learning Solutions partners with clients around the world to build the business acumen, leadership, and selling skills needed to execute their business strategies and achieve meaningful business results. Our comprehensive toolkit includes skills assessments, dynamic learning engagements powered by computer-based business simulations, and reinforcement tools that encourage immediate skill application. These elements combine to produce a measurable and lasting impact on our clients’ businesses.