PARK CITY, Utah — Nov. 12, 2020 — dti Publishing Corp. (Park City, UT) announces the release on November 12, 2020 of its CertBlaster Security+ practice tests for the brand-new Security+ SY0-601 exam. This makes CertBlaster the first available exam simulator for this exam as the Computing Technology Industry Association – CompTIA is releasing the new exam on November 12, 2020 as well.

The Premium Exam Simulator includes in excess of 450 Practice test questions, answers, and explanations. The CertBlaster question types replicate the question types seen on the actual exam including performance based and in-simulator questions aka “simlets”. There are four complete Security+ exam simulations. These simulations replicate the features and the navigation as experienced in the testing center. They also contain the same number of questions as the actual exam with a timer set for the actual examination time. Additionally, the Exam Simulator includes the CertBlaster Security+ practice test Focus Drills. These enable the student to practice each one of the CompTIA Security+ exam objectives. The security+ Simulator offers the user three modes: Assessment, Study and Certification.

CertBlaster User Feedback Features

After every practice test taken in Assessment Mode, CertBlaster generates a custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) that offers the users guidance on which area they need to focus their efforts. This feedback is based on how the user answered during the assessment sessions. Each Security+ practice test session will generate its own custom PTP. Additionally, after each practice, the user will be offered to view each question answered incorrectly during the session as well as displaying the correct answer.
The CertBlaster Learning System gives the user an overall grade as well as a separate grade for each exam objective as defined by CompTIA.

About dti Publishing Corp.

dti Publishing Corp., established in 2001 in Webster, MA, is the owner of CertBlaster® and is a leading adaptive learning technology provider with the mission of bringing personalized IT education and training to the world. Our CertBlaster platform make it possible to offer Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that provide real-time proficiency estimation, activity recommendations, analytics, remediation, and more. Our platforms monitor the users’ progress, grades their practice tests, and provide custom guidance when users are confused over their certification preparation. CertBlaster provides the user with a consistent, high-performance, and intuitive interface for preparation for professional IT Certification.