NASHVILLE, Tenn. — March 29, 2023 — Cloud Range, the industry’s leading cyber range solution to reduce cyber risk across the organization, today announced that the State of Florida has selected its full-service cyber range and simulation training solution to support Florida Digital Service’s (FL[DS]) enterprise cybersecurity initiative. Cloud Range will provide the State of Florida’s first-ever experiential cybersecurity simulation training, beginning with 38 state agencies. The state chose to partner with Cloud Range because of the growing global cyber skills shortage. Cloud Range helps close the skills gap with an innovative cyber training platform that gives cyber professionals, students, and career transitioners realistic, hands-on experience and practical skills.

“Real-world simulation is the most advanced approach to cyber training, which is crucial because cyber attacks are in fact modern warfare. Cloud Range’s goal is to reduce the chances of potentially detrimental cyber attacks throughout the state while ultimately creating a ‘training pipeline’ from grade school all the way through to the workforce. We want to look back in 15 years and see someone who was introduced to the cyber range in elementary school, high school, or a cybersecurity workforce program, and is now working for a private sector partner,” said Cloud Range CEO Debbie Gordon. “In short, FL[DS] is using Cloud Range’s comprehensive cyber training platform to help change lives through pragmatic and valuable skill development.”

Much like flight simulators or live-fire combat training, Cloud Range’s cyber training platform ensures that cyber defenders gain the skills and experience they need to protect organizations and critical infrastructure against detrimental and potentially deadly cyber attacks. The realistic and customizable cyber range is a safe training environment that mimics actual infrastructure and technology and gives trainees hands-on experience in detecting and mitigating real attacks.

“The cyber skills gap is a grave problem that can’t be overcome solely through academic learning or traditional certifications. Additionally, people are only as good as the experience they have, so providing simulation-based experiential training is the only way to stay ahead of the ever-growing number and complexity of threats,” said Gordon. “Cloud Range’s virtual cyber range solutions are utilized around the globe to allow everyone from novice learners to advanced cyber professionals to gain real-life experience in cybersecurity, which ultimately will reduce the risk of a cyber attack.”

Gordon continued, “We are excited to partner with Florida Digital Service because we believe in what they’re trying to do. Cloud Range’s robust and flexible platform allows FL[DS] to provide simulation experiences for anyone who needs training in cybersecurity, no matter their background or cybersecurity understanding. We get how critical this mission is and how much commitment it takes to develop the talent needed today and the pipeline necessary for tomorrow.”

Cloud Range is always ready to engage other partners who, like Florida, want to address the workforce shortage, build the next generation of IT/OT cyber defenders, ensure preparedness for the most complex cyber attacks, and reduce risk.

The Florida Digital Service (FL[DS]), housed within DMS, was established in 2020 to deliver better government services and transparency to Floridians and is focused on several key objectives including: cybersecurity, data interoperability, procurement reforms, cloud adoption, and modernization. FL[DS] was designated as the acting lead entity for cybersecurity, responsible for establishing and operating Florida’s first enterprise cybersecurity operations center.

About Cloud Range

Cloud Range is a pioneer in cybersecurity simulation training, providing the first-ever full-service, customizable cyberattack simulation training solution in the world. Used by enterprise SOC and incident response teams, managed security service providers (MSSPs), governments, higher education institutions, utilities, critical infrastructure, and many other industries, Cloud Range enables organizations to accelerate the cyber defense skills of their cybersecurity professionals using its proprietary simulation and assessment platform. Customers can train security teams, assess candidates, onboard new hires, and improve cybersecurity team skills, significantly reducing cyber risk. Cloud Range won the CISO Choice Award for security education and training, is on Cybercrime Magazine’s list of the 10 Hot Cyber Range Companies to Watch in 2023, and is on Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list. Learn more at