ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — June 16, 2020 — Rofori Corporation is announcing the launch of its CyberKnights Talent Assessment, Development, and Retention Portal. There are over 500,000 cybersecurity job openings in the U.S., but not enough talent has been identified to meet employer needs. According to the MIT Technology Review, fewer than one in four of the candidates that apply for these positions are qualified. Employers can leverage CyberKnights to automatically match up with talent meeting their needs or view the talent pool to see available cybersecurity talent.  Employers can increase retention by incorporating CyberKnights to the fullest extent within their organization to help manage employees. Employers can maximize the power of CyberKnights by managing internal talent upskill and reskilling opportunities based on organizational cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities gap analysis. Employers can also leverage CyberKnights to forecast education needs over time, match to educational providers, and monitor progress.

Academia can benefit by leveraging the power of CyberKnights to increase student attendance. CyberKnights can help higher education institutions map cybersecurity curriculums to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework and assist in becoming a Cybersecurity Center for Academic Excellence. Placing a cybersecurity curriculum within CyberKnights will give visibility of the academic institution to employers and individuals looking for accredited cybersecurity programs.

CyberKnights supports life-long career management within the cybersecurity workforce. CyberKnights operates at the intersection of talent, education, and employment by assessing the talent, aligning it with the desired level of knowledge for development, and keeping employers engaged with individual careers to improve retention.

CyberKnights is free to all individuals, to include high school seniors, active duty military transitioning to civilian life, candidates seeking an apprenticeship, or seeking a career change. Come Join Us!

Rofori Corporation

Rofori Corporation is a Veteran and Native American owned company with a focus on solutions for the cybersecurity challenges facing organizations across all industries.  Rofori offers innovative cloud solutions for assessing cybersecurity risk and has launched the CyberKnights portal to target the challenge of managing cybersecurity talent assessment, development, and retention.