Austin, TX – January 10, 2018 – QuickStart, a cognitive learning IT marketplace, has launched Expert Connect, a free platform that serves as an online community where IT professionals will be able to discuss tech related topics, work on projects, raise questions, get answers, solve problems, and gain knowledge about the latest in technology to create a high impact personalized learning experience.

“QuickStart works with IT professionals of all skill levels ranging from beginners to experts in Data Science, Information Security, Dev Ops, ITSM, and Application Development. The idea behind this platform is to connect IT experts and learners so they can solve IT problems through peer-to-peer social learning. We want to provide a high impact personalized learning experience to all tech professionals at all stages of learning.” Says Ed Sattar, CEO QuickStart.

Expert Connect is part of Quickstart’s Cognitive Learning IT Project Performance (CLIPP) platform and anyone interested in tech and simply sign up and start using it.

“The idea behind Expert Connect is to build an online community intensely focused on IT learning. On this platform, experts and learners will increase their knowledge through mutual learning. This will be a holistic community where IT professionals will not only be able to connect with other IT professionals, they will also be able to create projects, work on other people’s project, rate each other’s performance through reviews, share their blogs, solve complex IT problems and even promote the courses they have written. Furthermore, they will be able to work as instructors.” Ed added.

The platform has been built to assist IT professionals in establishing themselves as experts in their domains. They can achieve that by sharing their knowledge with others and mentoring those that are junior to them. While there are a number of social and professional networks out there, Expert Connect aims to differentiate itself by becoming a comprehensive platform that has multiple functions.

About QuickStart

QuickStart is an Austin based Microsoft Gold Partner accredited by ITIL, Comptia, and EC Council. The organization is an IT training marketplace that uses cognitive learning and artificial intelligence to turn training into a transformational experience.