BOSTON — May 27, 2020 — Penn Foster, which works with employers and learners around the country to create new pathways to economic opportunity, today announced the launch of new career training programs for aspiring front-end developers and user experience designers. Available through the New York Institute of Art and Design, a partner school of Penn Foster, the programs are rooted in a unique upskilling platform that delivers on-demand, career-specific coursework focused on the fastest-growing skills in the digital economy.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, front-end developers and UX designers were among the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. As the crisis continues to reshape the global economy, digital skills remain in high demand for businesses seeking to both respond to the immediate needs posed by the pandemic — and prepare for the uncertainty of the coming months.

“Now more than ever, individuals need access to training that is affordable, easy to access remotely, and focused on the skills that will prepare them to navigate an increasingly volatile labor market,” said Dara Warn, Chief Customer Officer at Penn Foster. “Helping Americans get back to work depends on providing upskilling opportunities now — that will lay the foundation to rebuild the economy in the year to come.”

Penn Foster’s curriculum in middle-skill fields, including design, healthcare, and skilled trades, is used by more than 200,000 learners each year. Through partnerships with leading employers and workforce organizations, from Penske Corporation to Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, Penn Foster provides training and reskilling programs that help job-seekers and working learners access opportunity in high-growth fields. This past month, Penn Foster led the development and launch of a free training program designed to train healthcare professionals to perform safe and accurate testing for the COVID-19 virus.

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