BELLEVUE, Wash. — FEB. 14, 2023 — Today, Nucamp announced it will add all its top-rated and affordable online coding bootcamps to Degreed’s already extensive world-class training programs via its recent Learn In acquisition.

The partnership will give businesses access to high-quality and affordable web development skills for their employees, priced within the IRS employee education tax-deduction benefits of up to $5,250 per employee per year.

Degreed is a world-class learning program marketplace that facilitates and streamlines workforce training. It enables employers to simplify the training budget, develop custom training tracks, and talent academies so employees learn the skills required to keep their businesses competitive.

Nucamp employs 200 part-time instructors, most of whom have full-time engineering jobs in the tech industry, giving them on-the-ground insights which they bring to the classroom.

When combined with a flipped classroom model, where students study video lectures at their own pace during the week and attend a live video conferencing workshop with their instructor and no more than 15 classmates on the weekend, Nucamp demonstrates a unique and effective online training model that’s backed by more than 1600 student reviews on Course Report that are overwhelmingly positive.

Nucamp’s flexible learning schedule is designed to function in tandem with a full-time job, giving employers an affordable and comprehensive web development training option for their employees that doesn’t disrupt day-to-day responsibilities. With high completion rates published daily on the Nucamp website, employers seeking technical coding education for their employees would be keen to consider Nucamp’s unique approach.

Employers and employees both benefit since Nucamp bootcamps can be added to any talent academy on the Degreed platform and payments are seamless with Degreed’s prepaid learning stipend card.

“Our partnership with Degreed is providing cost-conscious companies with high quality tech programs that fit the IRS education threshold of $5,250 per employee per year.” said Ludovic Fourrage, Founder and CEO of Nucamp. “It will help companies demonstrate a positive ROI on their employee education investments, as well as enable employees to participate without having to pay out of pocket.”

“The disruptive price point of the Nucamp programs makes transformative training more accessible,” said Yael Gilboa Kaufmann, Co-Founder and COO at Learn In and SVP of Finance and Operations at Degreed. “As the skills gap continues to grow, we’re proud to partner with a company that provides affordable and equitable upskilling for employers and employees.”

There are 6 Nucamp bootcamps through the Learn In platform by Degreed that will be available:

    • Web Fundamentals bootcamp that spans four weeks for $458
    • The Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python bootcamp that spans 16 weeks for $2,124
    • The Front End Web & Mobile Development bootcamp that spans 17 weeks for $2,124
    • The Full Stack Web & Mobile Development bootcamp that spans 22 for $2,604
    • The Job Hunting bootcamp that spans 4 weeks for $458
    • And the Complete Software Engineer Path bootcamp that spans 11 months for $5,644

Comprehensive web development education has historically been relegated to 4-year degree programs and in the last decade, intensive, full-time coding bootcamps. Recently, coding bootcamps have adopted more flexible options, but have still kept the higher costs that are often associated with them—costs that aren’t always feasible for workers aiming to upskill or employers who are willing to cover some training costs.

The affordable nature of Nucamp’s bootcamps enables coding education to enter a new territory and it’s one that both Nucamp and Degreed believe will bring new opportunities for businesses and their employees.

About Nucamp: Mission-driven Nucamp has been making top-tier coding instruction available to and affordable for everyone since 2017. Nucamp offers the industry’s only truly affordable 22-week Full Stack Web & Mobile Development coding bootcamp for under $3,000. It delivers a high-quality curriculum using a unique hybrid evening and weekend format in small classes of no more than 15 students. Nucamp further distinguishes its bootcamps by the talent of its instructors, who teach part-time while working in the industry. They bring topic-specific expertise and front-line knowledge into the classroom to ensure the coursework content is highly relevant. Learn more at

About Degreed: Degreed helps companies establish talent academies that steer all the resources needed for building an always-skilled workforce. HR, Talent and L&D leaders use Learn In to modernize access to learning budgets and world-class programs, and to simplify the delivery of custom programs to employee groups. Learn In’s core features include a tuition benefits manager, a prepaid learning stipend card, a world-class program marketplace and custom program builder, and dedicated coaching. Now every employee can build deeper skills precisely aligned to company needs.