Sydney – December 6, 2019 – New Horizons Worldwide, parent company of the New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, has identified Australia as a significant growth opportunity and is investing heavily. New Horizons is currently exploring a new partnership in Australia to complement their offerings and meet the needs of the Australian workforce.

June 2019 research from Deloitte reports that Australia’s growth is hampered by a skills gap. As technology takes over some work processes, it also creates numerous opportunities for high wage skills that need additional training. Businesses, the research states, will need to invest in training that is relevant and integrated with work.

“New Horizons is investing in workforce development in Australia. We are excited to launch this newest phase of our growth plan,” said Mikell Parsch, CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. “New Horizons is known worldwide for building IT talent and developing the IT workforce and leadership of tomorrow.”

“Our potential partner in Australia will bring us additional capabilities in class availability and will open markets in emerging technologies,” added Parsch.

New Horizons Center of Leadership and Development has an extensive library of application focused training programs that were designed to specifically address the skills gap identified in the Deloitte research. The research, for example, states that Australian employers would like 3 million more workers who are digitally literate.

“Growing and developing the new digitally literate workforce and the associated leadership, requires a comprehensive approach to training. Today’s executives need to be competent in all the key business pillars independently and collectively,” said Shelley Morris, COO of New Horizons. “New Horizons is well positioned to build digital competencies and executive leadership capabilities in Australia, which includes developing knowledge in cloud-based platforms, infrastructure, security, project management, IT service management, business analysis, leadership, and other essential practices.”

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