UNION, N.J. — Feb. 25, 2021 — Mindlance, a leading US workforce solutions firm, announced that it is joining forces with Quintrix Solutions Inc. Qunitrix helps solve the IT skills gap problem with its unique Train-to-Hire model. The acquisition significantly strengthens Mindlance’s Recruit-Train-Deploy (RTD) offering by creating an integrated solution that Mindlance is now able to offer its clients.

“By combining the strength of Mindlance in staffing with Quintrix’s unique capability in upskilling talent, we have been able to create a new platform that offers the most complete end to end recruit-train-deploy solution for our clients,” said Vik Kalra, Co-founder and Managing Director at Mindlance. “Companies are facing serious challenges in recruiting professionals with the skillsets required to optimize the opportunities that lie ahead. Our ability to upskill and reskill talent will offer businesses the in-demand skills they urgently need to stay competitive. What’s equally important is that our focus on sourcing diverse and under-represented talent will create education-to-employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged STEM and non-STEM graduates.”

Krishna Kumar, founder of Quintrix Solutions Inc, concurred: “Quintrix’s innovative training solutions combined with Mindlance’s scale creates tremendous opportunities for us to generate a meaningful impact on the hiring ecosystem. Quintrix has developed unique capabilities in training and upskilling tech talent which we can now apply to other non-IT / business professional roles as well. When we add this to Mindlance’s comprehensive workforce solutions, we access channels where real change can happen. Together, we are looking at providing an alternate source of custom-trained, U.S. based, visa-independent, and industry certified talent to enterprises in 90 days. A client-centric and customizable curriculum in multiple disciplines, proven training capabilities, and a focus on diverse talent will create a seamless solution that works on several levels.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered waves of digital innovation which are creating the demand for more tech talent. Companies will also need new tech support to enable efficient remote work. Under these circumstances, Quintrix’s integration with Mindlance provides clients access to a unique pipeline of skilled talent that they would not otherwise find in the market. Mindlance has developed acceleration services for under-represented talent to create viable talent pools that deliver both on diversity and high-quality skillsets. The combination will create a different dynamic for companies hiring in tech as well as across non-IT disciplines, enabling them to shift more toward competency-based hiring and allowing non-traditional candidates to get their foot in the door. By bringing in a larger pool of talent that would otherwise be overlooked simply because they didn’t have the resumes that recruiters traditionally look for, this offering will be a driver for closing both the skills gap and the opportunity gap.

About Mindlance

Mindlance was founded in 1999 and has become one of the largest diversity-owned staffing firms in the US. It is one of the largest IT and Life Sciences staffing firms and generates over $225 Million in revenues in supporting clients across the US, Canada and India. It has been on SIA’s list of Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms for 9 years in a row. What began with contingent staffing has developed to a wide-ranging portfolio of comprehensive workforce solutions. These fall under three broad offerings: specialized talent-centric staffing, diverse/under-represented talent-centric upskilling and incubation/acceleration services, along with what can be termed cost management-centric Pay+ services: Direct Sourcing, EoR/Payroll, IC Compliance and AoR.