ONTARIO, Canada — May 28, 2020 — It is a well-known fact that most of the engineering graduates lack the soft-skills required to cut a niche for them in the corporate world. Whether it is for job-search or to get the wanted raise, lack of soft-skills and right behavioural attributes pay the dampener. Understanding this lacuna and to bridge the gap between industry wants and supply of right professionals, innovative Personal Development courses for engineers have been customised and are going to be launched by Maximize Success Academy.

MSA has been in the mentoring business since quite long. A glimpse of the testimonials on the website will reveal how it has already changed the behavioural attributes of its students. Only now it is announcing its offers officially. The course materials are rich with contents and learning in video mode. Theory, practice, questionnaire, affirmations and story-telling all go together to make the courses outstandingly effective to ingrain the learning in all kinds of learners. Whether one’s learning pattern is audio or visual or kinaesthetic, it helps all. The access to the courses purchased is for the life-time so that one can do a refresher whenever and wherever he wants.

The online learning modules have been developed keeping in view the learners’ learning pace and freedom. One is able to access the training modules at his own time and from the comfort of his home. He can brush up the knowledge when he is most relaxed. The same courses which had been charged quite expensive by some of the personality development trainers are charged just 721 $ as an opening price to make it affordable for the aspiring masses. As the founder Dean Mukesh says, “The aim is to maximize the potentials of as many people as possible and enable the world to attain the height of success”.

The Programme Details –

The course for engineers is designed for the aspiring and practicing engineers and every working professional like doctors, teachers, accountants, pharmacists and the list can continue endlessly. These are the personality development nuggets one would require in any field to continue as a successful professional.

The programme for engineers have 24 soft skills that help in the basic behavioural re-engineering of one’s mind, body and attitude so that one can perform in the corporate world or in business and can conquer the challenges with confidence. It enables one to be a self-managed professional. The courses are divided into four phases. To facilitate the learners purchasing capacity, the academy has split the courses for engineers into 6 different groups of four courses in each group pack as an alternate.

How the programmes are different from the conventional ones-

The remarkable traits and the uniqueness of the programmes are that they de-weed the negative beliefs imbedded in the thought process and drench the mind with the sap of positivity. From there immense potentials and productive actions sprout out. These are done with well researched and proven techniques masterminded by the man behind MSA who himself had gone through a lot of trainings and mentoring to turn into an effective master- coach.
The posts on social media and the free affirmations are tools to uproot the negative thoughts as well and inculcate the positive beliefs in the viewers. But inner engineering and behavioural modification needs dedication and perseverance. It rewards with immense proportions when the learner goes through the programmes and is willing to take a step forward to conquer the world and achieve his goals. Each trainee is given access to a live webinar where he can clear his further queries or doubts with the trainer.

Why personal development is required –

Neglecting the growth of inner potential erodes the capacity to achieve in life. Whether be it the soft-skills like knowing the right body language or the insights to curb office politics, or even, to strike the work-life balance with the right co-ordinate of mind-body-soul, inner engineering is the key to success. Here is where most people fail because they neglect it. According to The Times of India, 80 per cent of the job aspirants fail on making an impact with their soft-skills. Once they get the jobs some-how, they do not know how to bring in the maximum productivity from themselves and excel at the job-front. On the other hand in the corporate world, people face excessive burnouts. They need to know how to strike the balance and curb the malices at workplace that rob their sleep. MSA programmes cater to all these in a very organised and effective manner and is the right right anti-dote for all these problems.

About Maximize Success Academy-

The Academy found by Dean Mukesh Sharma caters to the need of the learners through its online platform www.maximizesuccessacademy.com. One is required to click on the “meet us” page of the website to know more about its courses. If only a single course is required, it can be purchased too. Each course has a dedicated sales letter which gives the details about the courses. In fact MSA endeavour is an innovative one in human engineering keeping in perspective the learner’s buying capacity and needs.