SHELTER ISLAND, NY — April 30, 2020 — Manning Publications announces the release of liveProject, an innovative learning product that builds practical skills by immersing developers in a realistic project.

Each liveProject presents a challenge that a learner would face in the tech industry, such as deploying a machine learning model as a microservice or using text analysis to detect a phishing website. liveProject participants complete a realistic project organized in achievable steps using carefully selected Manning book and video resources, collaboration with others, and, if they choose, a mentor. By tackling real scenarios, writing real code, and analyzing real data, the knowledge gained from working on a liveProject sticks for longer and at a deeper level.

There’s no hand holding in a liveProject. Learners are given just enough help to succeed, including access to select Manning books and videos, collaboration with a group of peers working on the same liveProject, and the opportunity to compare their work with a professionally-created finished project. In some tiers of liveProject, there’s an expert mentor on hand for queries and questions.

Manning develops all of their liveProjects in house with the same commitment to quality customers can expect from their books and videos. By combining industry-leading instructors with Manning’s editorial expertise, the company believes liveProjects represent one of the best learning experiences on the market.

Here’s what some of the first participants said about learning with liveProject:

I liked the format. The ability to work with your mentor and other students made the project seem more like a face-to-face project rather than a training course.
—Billy O’Callaghan

Very good. Very helpful. Very clear. Exactly what I’d hope for!
—Carla Butler

The learning has been great and I’m confident that I will be able to apply these skills in the real world.
—Burhan ul Haq

The first Manning liveProjects focus on the challenges of data scientists and machine learning engineers. Popular courses include Discovering Disease Outbreaks from News Headlines, Human Pose Estimation with Deep Neural Networks, and Training and Deploying an ML Model as a Microservice. More scenarios for a wide range of development and IT jobs will debut in the coming months. To learn more, visit