New York – February 27, 2019 – “Last Mile” Training provider, Talent Path, today announced a partnership with Credly that will provide those who complete their program with a better way to communicate their skills to employers. Beginning this month, Talent Path’s Certified Consultants will earn digital credentials that represent a spectrum of professional skills gained by completing a 90-day immersive, hands-on technology and consulting learning experience.

“Talent Path’s digital credentials give our consultants a powerful tool to signify to our client organizations that they are prepared to begin making an immediate impact,” said Jeff Frey, Executive Director of Learning at Talent Path. “Together, we’re bringing transparency to skills that make it easier for employers to discover technology talent with the skills they need as the labor market tightens.”

Through the partnership with Credly, individuals who complete Talent Path’s training programs will now receive a digital credential hosted on Credly’s Acclaim platform, which allows individuals to share their employment-ready accomplishments online through professional and social networks. Credential holders can use this verified record of their specific skills and knowledge to differentiate themselves from other professionals in their fields. Employers can, in turn, identify holders of in-demand credentials who have verified skills and expertise.

A division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology talent firms, Talent Path’s first digital credential is “Business Analysis and Data Visualization,” which recognizes individuals who can think critically, use business analysis and data visualization tools, and generate valuable business insights. Talent Path’s second digital credential, “Software Engineering and Application Development,” will launch in the coming weeks.

“The tech skills Talent Path develops— from data visualization to app development— are among the most in-demand skills today,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “By providing digital credentials to its certified consultants Talent Path is clearly demonstrating the skills a new consultant has learned, in a way that can be quickly validated.”

Additional information about Talent Path’s digital credential program can be found here.

About Credly

Credly is helping the world speak a common language about people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thousands of employers, training organizations, associations, certification programs and workforce development initiatives use Credly to help individuals translate their learning experiences into professional opportunities using trusted, portable, digital credentials. Credly empowers organizations to attract, engage, develop, and retain talent with enterprise-class tools that generate data-driven insights to address skills gaps and highlight opportunities through an unmatched global network of credential issuers. Unleash the workforce.

About Talent Path

Talent Path brings last-mile education for early career talent together with clients in need of technology professionals to fill critical roles. We hire top graduates in key academic disciplines, then provide them with specific learning experiences in sought-after technology skillsets. Talent Path consultants are work ready day one and able to step into roles possessing both the technical and power skills to succeed long term. Talent Path is a division of Genuent, one of the nation’s leading technology staffing & solutions firms. Founded in 2006, Genuent has played a key role in sourcing, staffing, hiring, and developing technology resources within clients of all sizes and industries.