Louisville, KY – August 15, 2019 – Today, global education provider General Assembly (GA) has announced a partnership with Interapt to help train next-generation tech talent in secondary U.S. markets. Interapt, which currently specializes in IT services and software development training, will work with GA to expand its curriculum and registered apprenticeships to encompass today’s most in-demand practice areas. Led by GA’s renowned instructors, the first cohort will kick-off in September with over 20 students who will gain access to GA’s career development services, Fortune 500 hiring partners, and vast alumni network.

According to a recent study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, unlocking digital capabilities for small businesses across the country could add more than $47 billion to the U.S. GDP per year. However, nearly 40% of businesses say that they can’t find hireable talent in their area with the necessary digital skills to do so. GA will work with Interapt to address this challenge, increasing the talent pipeline of candidates trained in digital skills in these regions – starting with its programs in Kentucky and Georgia before expanding in the U.S.

“It has been Interapt’s vision to bring world-class training and world-class technology jobs to our home state of Kentucky, and to also extend that opportunity to people across America that have the talent, but just need an opportunity. GA has built an incredible reputation for itself in the workforce development field, developing workers across the globe with the 21st-century skills they need to succeed and then connecting companies to growing new tech talent,” said Ankur Gopal, CEO of Interapt. “Secondary cities and communities such as the ones we target are still the most overlooked when it comes to tech training and education, leaving a surplus of untapped talent.  We’re thrilled to partner with GA to expand our business model and play a bigger role in fostering a more diverse and inclusive technology ecosystem throughout America.”

Interapt’s current training program has been called “a national model for creating next-generation opportunity,” with graduates going on to work for and alongside companies like Humana, Kindred, EY, Elavon, Accenture, GE, Chase, and NetSmart. Interapt helped developed one of the first IT Registered Apprenticeship models with the U.S. Department of Labor and has partnered with local universities, such as the University of Louisville, to provide additional stackable credentials for students who are interested in filling today’s IT skills gap.

“There are over 700,000 open tech jobs in the U.S, but many of them are left unfilled because workers are unable to receive the kind of tech training or career services that are required to be successful in today’s digitally-driven workforce,” said Jake Schwartz, CEO and Co-founder of General Assembly. “Interapt has done a fantastic job at addressing this, creating an innovative model for training that has worked far beyond Silicon Valley, first in Louisville and now throughout the region. We have a similar goal at GA to empower and equip all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, with the tech skills they need to succeed in our rapidly changing economy and we are excited to work with Interapt to achieve this goal.”

About General Assembly:

General Assembly (GA), an Adecco Group company, closes skills gaps for individuals and companies. Offering training and assessments in software engineering, data science, digital marketing, and more, GA is building clear career pathways for people, and sustainable, diverse talent pipelines for employers. To learn more visit https://generalassemb.ly.

About Interapt:

Interapt is a software consulting and development firm with expertise in business innovation, digital transformation, and IT workforce apprenticeships. Interapt launched its workforce development program, Interapt Skills, in 2015 to empower humans with the technical, business, and life skills needed to meet the expectations of today’s employers. To learn more, visit: https://www.interapt.com.