SEATTLE — Aug. 11, 2020 –– Educative, an interactive learning platform for software developers, announces the addition of a new executive to the team. John Krass has joined Educative as the Chief Revenue Officer. In the new role, John will be responsible for sales and marketing efforts across the company.
“I am extremely pleased and excited to join the team at Educative. I am personally passionate about what our company does, how it helps developers grow & increase their skillsets, and how we can continue to build a great set of solutions for developers and their employers,” said John Krass, Chief Revenue Officer for Educative. “As a company created by software engineers for software engineers, we are creating an interactive learning environment designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of how developers actually learn.”
John joins Educative after a total of 24 years at Microsoft leading B2C and B2B marketing, BD and product efforts across SaaS, Online and Mobile businesses. These include the ramping up the early search business at Microsoft, creating ad-based MSN verticals, and launching new AI SaaS products.  In addition to John’s Microsoft experience, he was a Corporate Vice President at Real Networks.  John received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin and lives in the Seattle area.
Educative was made from the ground up for professional and aspiring software engineers looking to upskill on in-demand technologies. Unlike other platforms, which tend to be video-based and one-directional, Educative’s courses feature preconfigured coding environments that allow learners to test their skills and code in-browser. In addition, the courses are all text-based, which allows learners to dictate the pace and easily skip through parts they already know, almost like a book. Educative currently hosts over 165 software courses covering a wide range of topics from CSS to System Design.
About Educative
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Educative is an interactive online learning platform designed for the unique needs of software developers. It was co-founded by Fahim ul Haq and Naeem Ul Haq, former engineers at Microsoft and Facebook, who realized that the one size fits all tutorials and online forums developers rely on to learn new languages and update skills were not meeting the needs of today’s software engineers. Used by individuals and tech companies alike, Educative’s interactive, text-based courses help software developers learn more quickly and efficiently than any other platform. To learn more about the company, visit their website at