AUSTIN, Texas — Sept. 22, 2020 — announces launch of CACP and CDOC certifications for professionals to showcase their DevOps and Agile coaching and consultation skills in a powerful way allowing them to support small, medium and large enterprises in their Agile and DevOps transformations. These certifications will demonstrate a professional’s ability to work in complex and complicated DevOps and Agile environments, and hiring managers will have a high level of confidence in the capability of anyone holding one of these certifications.

The certifications are designed to provide a holistic, conceptual understanding of the subjects, not limited to a specific technology or vendor. The candidates on completion of these certifications will be able to provide guidance to businesses in a coaching capacity and help them in supporting the difficult and complicated process of transforming an organization and its culture to working in either an Agile and DevOps way.

The certifications are designed with a comprehensive approach of selecting content, to deliver maximum value, and provide relevant and applicable knowledge, tools, and skills in DevOps and Agile. The mentors selected to develop the course content and learning journey are proven experts, ensuring candidates are mentored and taught by those with practical real-world experience leading transformation initiatives.

As Ed Sattar, CEO of QuickStart says, “Technology creates ease of functions and processes, but implementing a successful transformation in the way an organization works, presents numerous challenges, but is done because it is is critical. With these certifications, we help prepare candidates to become sound coaching professionals, who are well-versed, thoroughly knowledgeable, and are bound to deliver value to organizations hiring them. This is only possible with the help of stellar content and mentors who are industry experts, providing impactful learning and practical knowledge.”

The CACP certification covers four exclusive study areas including Systems, Leadership, Culture, and Practices to augment the already equipped knowledge of Agile professionals. It also includes modern thinking approaches like “system thinking” and “lean thinking,” allowing candidates to broaden their approaches toward swift implementation of Agile methodologies. As a prerequisite, it requires practice and knowledge of Agile Methods (Kanban, Scrum and XP), Agile Manifesto knowledge, technical experience in an Agile firm and the desire to pursue Agility Coach profession.

The CDOC certification is an intermediate level certification for experienced DevOps practitioners and IT transformation executives who want to capitalize on their knowledge and experience to coach businesses as DevOps experts or consultants. It trains the potential coaches and transformation leads with substantial knowledge needed to serve as a DevOps Coach and help change the organizational culture around the delivery of software. It builds understanding, skills and techniques in different environments, along with essentials, fundamentals, coach roles, responsibilities, and accountability in DevOps.

About QuickStart
QuickStart is an Austin based IT workforce readiness platform using AI and adaptive learning to meet career and IT goals and objectives. QuickStart is a Cisco, NetApp, ITIL, CompTIA, EC Council and Microsoft gold business partner. The organization uses its proprietary learning methodology and workforce readiness platform (CLIPP) to transform IT teams.