BOSTON — Nov. 11, 2020 — Develop, an online learning platform that provides on-demand courses for IT and business professionals, has expanded its library of career-focused content with a new Cybersecurity Academy.

The Cybersecurity Academy adds to Develop’s growing portfolio, which includes a Foundation Subscription, providing learners with essential knowledge over a broad range of topics, and Data Academy, which provides extensive Data Science skills and exercises. Together, these subscriptions provide professionals with a full range of options to build future-fit skills and find their track to professional growth.

The Cybersecurity courses are intended for IT/Cybersecurity professionals with 2+ years of experience and includes over 40 hours of expert-led online courses. Additionally subscribers will benefit from full access to a live practice lab environment along with completion certificates to document their progress, for an annual subscription price of $399.99.

At launch the Cybersecurity Academy includes:

  • Security Policies with SELinux
  • Password Policies
  • Directory and File Permissions
  • Firewall Implementation
  • System Auditing
  • Configure SAMBA and NFS

Recently, the 2020 Skills and Salary Report produced by Develop’s partner Global Knowledge, shared that cybersecurity and cloud computing certifications are associated with the highest IT salaries around the world.

Why Linux Is Important To Cybersecurity

Linux is the operating system used on most network devices and security appliances, including routers, firewalls, next-generation firewall devices, unified threat management gateways, virtual private network concentrators, intrusion detection systems, intrusion protection systems, security information and event management appliances, wireless access point devices, and more.

“The purpose of our Cybersecurity Academy is to enable professionals to gain practical knowledge in a hybrid training environment, first through the delivery of online course content, then reinforced with skill building, hands on training in a live environment,” said Develop Head of Content, John McKeever. “Users will be trained on how to accurately configure a Linux OS and create a hardened secure environment for end users that need varying levels of access.”

Future additions to the Cybersecurity Academy will focus on the Windows Domain and also educate subscribers on penetration testing.

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