BOSTON — Oct. 27, 2020 — Develop, an online learning platform that provides on-demand courses with practice opportunities in growth areas for IT and business professionals has updated its brand and user experience while adding new course content, completion certificates, and launching a Cybersecurity Academy to reinforce an improved route to in-demand skills.

Develop recently added new courses that align with top trending technologies.

  • The Linux Administration Bootcamp addresses Linux distributions, SSH, and basic commands to managing logical volumes using LVM on Linux systems and servers.
  • A Python For Beginners series gets new developers set up with Python and the tools to continue through future courses, moving on to writing increasingly complex code and applications.
  • A Security Awareness course highlights things individuals can do to protect their information online, plus actions that can be taken if they believe their online security has been compromised.

With new courses being added to the platform routinely, users can now document their progress with course completion certificates that are available as soon as they finish each course.

Next month, Develop will release a Cybersecurity Academy where subscribers will gain advanced expertise, knowledge, and hands-on skills practice, starting with security and password policies, user group management, encryption and firewall implementation, and auditing in the Linux domain.

Find Your Track and Develop

Develop has also unveiled a new look and ‘Find Your Track and Develop’ tagline that encapsulates the goal of the platform for its end users.

“The refreshed brand is fueled by a commitment to serve both technical specialists and tech-adjacent workers by helping them discover what course series best suits their needs in an ever-changing, tech-driven landscape,” said Develop CXO Kevin Pawsey.

The online learning platform provides users a starting point to reach a desired destination in various subjects while issuing completion certificates to demonstrate the work they’ve put into their learning journey to enhance their skill set.

Develop also extends its digestible course offerings and practice opportunities to enterprises through a global partnership with Global Knowledge, a world leading technology skills training provider.

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About Develop

Develop is an online learning platform that enables business and technology professionals to get ahead in our tech-driven world. By providing future-focused courses and knowledge checks, Develop’s subscription service empowers members to take control of their careers on their terms.