Los Angeles – July 6, 2017 – Enterprise data science platform provider DataScience.com has partnered with The Data Incubator, a data science training organization, to bring comprehensive data science education to its platform customers.

DataScience.com customers will now be able to opt in to The Data Incubator’s highly customizable data science employee training offerings. Ranging from 2-3 day workshops to multi-week modules, these programs focus on the latest techniques and technologies, from machine learning to Hadoop and Spark. All training will be conducted by The Data Incubator in the DataScience.com Platform, enabling customers to familiarize themselves with the platform’s advanced tools while simultaneously acquiring valuable new skills.

“Our customers’ demands for advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning techniques often exceed the capabilities of their in-house teams,” said DataScience.com Chief Strategy Officer William Merchan. “Our mission is to ensure that data science practitioners can provide value at the enterprise level. We do this in a number of ways, from optimizing workflows to providing access to high-value educational content. The Data Incubator’s variety of training programs will ensure that our customers’ teams can keep pace with the tremendous growth in demand for new applications of data science techniques across their organizations.”

“We are excited to utilize The Data Incubator’s content expertise and DataScience.com’s comprehensive, integrated platform to enable smart collaboration at the enterprise level,” added The Data Incubator CEO, Dr. Michael Li.

DataScience.com and The Data Incubator will be hosting a webinar on August 8. For more information, email: editor@datascience.com.

To learn how to access The Data Incubator’s training programs on the DataScience.com Platform, visit www.datascience.com.

About DataScience.com

DataScience.com provides an enterprise data science platform that combines the tools, libraries and languages data scientists love with the infrastructure and workflow that their organizations need. The DataScience.com Platform maximizes the way data scientists like to do work, so they can solve the right problems, create better analyses, amplify their results, and put more work into production — all from one place.

About The Data Incubator

The Data Incubator is a Cornell-backed data science education company based in NYC, DC, and SF, with both corporate training as well as recruiting services. For corporate training, it offers customized, in-house corporate training solutions in data and analytics. For data science hiring, the company runs a selective free 8 week fellowship training PhDs to become data scientists.